2008 – 2009 Migration Program numbers to reduce?

2008 - 2009 Migration Program numbers to reduce?It was only a few months ago back in June when I wrote with a cheerful tone about the increase in the number of places available for wannabe Aussies during the 2008 – 2009 Migration Program.

A recent interview given by the Australian PM Kevin Rudd hints at a bit of a rethink which may have implication for many folks dreaming of a new life down under,

During an interview with the Fairfax Radio Network in Melbourne. The Aussie PM recognised that the current immigration rate was an increase on the previous year to meet employer demands for more skilled workers, particularly in mining and resource intensive Western Australia and Queensland.

He then goes onto say however that “as with all previous governments, and mine’s the same, whenever we set immigration targets we will adjust them according to the economic circumstances of the day,”

The 2008-09 Migration Program is set at 190,300 places, representing a 19.8 per cent increase on the 2007-08 program. The figure includes 56,500 places for family migrants sponsored by people already in Australia and 133,500 places for those with special skills.

But that’s now been criticised as excessively large in a period of economic turmoil.

Mr Rudd said immigration was not one-size-fits-all across the country and the government would take advice on where skilled workers were needed.

As always, we’ll cover any ‘official’ reductions in the 2008 – 2009 program should this event actually occur.

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