A Place In The Sun Down Under Channel 4Just a quick heads up that Channel 4’s  A place in the Sun Down Under will be visiting Sunny Perth in Western Australia this Friday (16th January at 8pm)

During the 60 minute episode, Amanda Lamb helps Dave and Joan Todd from Liverpool use their £400,000 budget to start a new life in Perth. Will the family find the home of their dreams?

With a £400,000 budget, I recon they’ll find a decent house with some change to spare. What people need to remember though it’s not just about the bricks and mortar, it’s more about the place! Stick an identical house in the middle of the UK and it would be a very different place to live indeed!

Anyway, interesting viewing I’m sure and hopefully more entertaining then the BBC’s wanted down Under program based on some recent reviews from our community!

How to take part in Channel 4’s A place in the Sun?

Easy as ringing a number apparently! Register your details on Channel 4’s dedicated line 020 7739 9357.

Edit: Apparently this number is not currently working so in the mean time if you think you might fit the bill, call Natalie on 0161 235 6542 or email natalieg@fftv.co.uk