Another way in which moving to Australia can upset your parents

Apart from moving thousands of miles away from my folks I’ve discovered another way in which I can very easily upset my parents without even knowing it.

Mothers and Fathers day!

You see, I thought that the date of Mothers and Fathers day would be universal but it appears that this isn’t the case.

For example, I was merrily minding my own business when I got an email from my dad the day before Mothers day (17th of March in the UK) reminding me that this important celebration of motherhood was on it’s way (thanks for the notice dad ;) ).

I really had no clue! To be honest, I never really have a clue but when it is mothers day you can’t avoid the fact due to all the adverts on TV and the huge selection of cards which you can’t avoid when you pop into your local Supermarket.

On the 17th of March there was non of this here in Australia. The reason being because Mothers day in Australia falls on the 13th of May.

I had to send one of those Electronic cards in the end and buy a Mothers day card in May which I’ll try and remember to send in March next year.

It may well be a bloke thing but how bloody complicated is that going to be!?

Last night at about 3am I heard my phone beep. It was a text message from my sister reminding me that tomorrow is Fathers day! (Thanks for the notice sis ;) )

Again, nothing in the shops to suggest that its coming up to Fathers day and why? Because Fathers day in Australia doesn’t fall until the first Sunday in September!

-sigh- Looks like it’ll be time for another e-card!

  1. BobinOz 8 years ago

    I had to laugh! I moved to Australia a couple of years ago but my eldest son, aged 23, stayed in the UK. He always sends me a birthday card but it is always late. He sent me a Father’s Day card this year and apologised profusely because it was late.

    “No it isn’t, it’s about three months too early” I said.

    I have it stored, waiting for September.

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