Australia Skilled Occupations List 2016 – 2017

2016 - 2017 Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

Update: 8 August 2016  The SOL 2016-17 has now been published. See the following article for the full 2016-2017 Skilled Occupations List:

In just a couple of months, the federal government will release it updated Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for the year 2016-17 which will come into effect on July 1, 2016 .

As they do each year, the federal government is reviewing its skilled occupations list to ensure that the skilled roles appearing on the list are appropriate to meet Australia’s needs in the coming year.

ICT roles look set to be a key part of the 2016 – 2017 Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL)

The updated list will be based on submissions gathered by the Department of Education that helps identifies the professions and trades that will be in demand in next five years in Australia and also points out professions whose demand is either declining or the demand is being met locally.

In total, 115 submissions by industry, employee representatives, trade and professional organisations, and other stakeholders were received which are now being reviewed for the 2016-17 SOL.

Based on these submissions, here’s a glimpse into list of occupations which may be considered in demand and/or need professionals in the coming years. Interesting that there appears to be more and more ‘digital skills’ related rolls looking likely to join the new SOL.

SOL list Australia 2016-17

New roles likely to be considered ‘In Demand’ for the 2016 – 2017 Skilled Occupations List

  • Accountants
  • Aged-Care Workers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Nurses
  • ICT Business Analysts
  • Systems Analyst
  • Multimedia Specialists
  • Web Developer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Developer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software and Application Programmer
  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Farm Workers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Social Workers
  • Surveyors
  • Teachers (secondary)
  • Electricians
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpet Installers
  • Glaziers
  • Trades People (especially in the construction industry)

List of occupations where the demand is now either being met locally or is declining:

NB. General Practitioners may not find place on the Skilled Occupation List as the local doctors, recent medical graduates are more likely to meet the demand.

  • Teachers (Primary)
  • Environment Health Officers
  • Anesthetists
  • Dentists
  • Dietitians
  • General Practitioner
  • Intensive Care Doctors
  • Obstetricians
  • Gynecologists
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacists
  • Radiographers
  • Ship Engineers
  • Veterinarians

Note: This list has been compiled based on the submissions and recommendations by various industry bodies, employee representatives, trade and professional organisations and other stakeholder. This list is more of a probability than an assurance or an indicator of the 2016-17 Skilled Occupation List being prepared by the Federal Government.

Update 8th August 2016

We’ve had quite a few comments on this article now and it’s proving difficult to keep track of what needs a response. If you have any questions and you are thinking about a move to Australia, please register a free account and join our ‘thinking about it group‘ and we will assist where we can


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  1. Profile photo of Mark Author
    Mark 4 months ago

    Hello Everyone. We have been getting many comments on this post and it’s very difficult to keep track. If you have questions, please register a free account here: and join our “thinking about it’ group.

    Once in the group, please feel free to ask any questions in the group forum and we will answer them in there. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. ricardo 4 months ago

    I`d like to know if I can make an application to the police officer, knowing that in skill list 2016/2017, I live in portugal and i have 10 years of experience, i can have some possibility? to try permanent resident?
    age -34

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 4 months ago

      Hi Ricardo, Police office is on the current SOL so yes!

  3. Ceetyal 4 months ago

    Please advise me about this situation:

    Hi Mark,
    I am Ceetyal, My current Employer (Has Company and is Cleaning Sub-Contractor) which is lawfully operating in Australia is willing to Sponsor me for their ongoing position as “Cleaner” which visa would be the best for sponsoring me? I have checked in SOL and CSOL and Cleaner occupation in not listed in any of those list. I am here in South Australia (Adelaide) since two years and working under that Company since 1 year as Casual Cleaner.

    Is there ANY Option to apply for 457 Visa even if it is not listed on two of those list? Please suggest me. What can be done if someone is willing to sponsor me but the occupation is not listed in SOL or CSOL list? The work is genuine and ongoing position with that company.

    Please suggest so that I can have a look on the options. Thank you for your advice in advance.


    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 4 months ago

      Hi Ceetyal, if the job is not listed your employer will need to negotiate a labour agreement. Get you employer to email the Australian immigration team at to ask for an information pack about becoming a labour agreement sponsor.

      More information under the ‘sponsors’ section on this page

      Hope this helps


      • Ceetyal 4 months ago

        Hello Mark,

        Where is your office located as I wanted to talk with you in detail regarding this. My Employer has agreed to Sponsor me on Permanent role to me at this business (Cleaning Contractor) as Site Supervisor but we both are not sure at this point how to proceed ahead with it. What should we do, where is the best to visit in Adelaide for this? I wanted to consult everything in detail about it.

        Please advise.


        • Profile photo of Mark Author
          Mark 4 months ago

          Hi Ceetyal, please note we are website based only. We do not have a physical location.

          By the sounds of things, you need the service of a registered migration agent.

          I recommend you check the mara website to identify an appropriate agent here:

          Sorry I could be of much further help



  4. Profile photo of Tanu Mehta
    Tanu Mehta 4 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    I would like to apply for visa subclass 190 for the role of HR adviser. Is there a timeline or month in which one must apply or can I apply anytime of the year?
    How much time do i get the state sponsorship for my application? what factors affect that?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 4 months ago

      Hi Tanu. It’s very difficult to say as your chances and timeline are impacted by many factors including other applicants who may be applying under the same occupation at the same time as yourself.

  5. Anaya 5 months ago

    Hi Mark
    I have filed my EOI (for a Customer Service Manager – 149212) for the state of SA (Visa type 489) and I am scoring 75 points. Can you pls. suggest the following –

    1. When is the next draw of Invites expected?
    2. What was the last cut off in previous draw?
    3. Are there any chances for me to get an invite letter?


  6. Mahmood 5 months ago

    Dear Sir,
    This is Mahmood Saleem from Pakistan
    I am a Lawyer and i have been practicing as a Lawyer for last 14 years and i have also completed my Master in Political Science. I just want to know that may i eligible for immigration to Australia?
    waiting your favorable reply.

  7. Andy 5 months ago

    Hey Mark! Thanks for all these answers you post here. Could you please take a look on my dilemma?
    My occupation is CSOL, not in SOL. Still I am 29 (=30 points), got all-eights on IELTS (=20 points) and I have got a Higher Education Degree Diploma, which potentially could give me 15 points. That makes 65 points. The question is: should I apply for 189 Visa if my occupation is not in SOL, but I do have more than 60 points? Or having SOL profession is eliminatory factor for 189?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hi Andy

      The current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is relevant for applicants for independent points-based skilled migration who are not nominated by a state or territory government agency. The 189 Visa is for points-tested skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer or family member or nominated by a state or territory government. As such, having a job on the SOL is a mandatory requirement unfortunately.

      Via the info here:

  8. Mark Baguio 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    I applied or submitted 2 EOI for Network Administrator – 263112 for Western Australia and Southern Australia. I just wanna know my chances to get LOI


    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Your idea is as good as mine Mark. It’s dependent on many factors (including the other applicants who have also applied) so it’s very difficult to say. :(

  9. aireen 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    What will happen to my submitted EOI if my application be removed in the SOL next July 2017? (General Accountant).
    Thank you.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hello Aireen

      As I understand it, Your EOI will stay in SkillSelect for a maximum of two years, after which it will be removed from the skill select database.



  10. kevein 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    I have filed for skills assessment to VAT ASSESS just this month. But my occupation is on the Supplementary skill list.

    Are there any chances of getting an Invite. and also are there any chances for an occupation to come back to the CSOL list.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hi mate, it is difficult to say if you will get an invite as this is dependent on the other candidates who have also applied for similar roles.

      As for occupations returning to the CSOL. The list changes regularly and it is not unheard of for occupations to return to the CSOL or SOL list after a break of a year or two.

      Consider joining one of our groups here:

      All the best


  11. William 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    I applied two separate EOI’s as a Civil Engineering Technician (312212); one of them for NSW and the other one for QLD, with 55 points and competent engilsh. What are my chances to be invited?!

    Thanks in advance,

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hi Wiliam, you chances are broadly dependent on the quality of the other candidates who have also submitted an EOI for the same occupation. As such its pretty difficult to say unfortunately.

      I would recommend you consider joining one of groups available here:

      All the best


  12. rebecca 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    My application for a 190 visa has been in since March this year. They have asked me to provide more information a couple of times now the most recent being 2 weeks ago.
    I am applying for state nomination as a geologist but on the updated occupations list this is now showing as closed. Does this mean my application is now invalid?


    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hi Rebecca, this will be closed for new applicants, if your application is already in progress you should be fine :)

  13. Profile photo of Harjinder Singh Bains
    Harjinder Singh Bains 5 months ago

    Hi mark can u tell me about demand of mechanical engineers in future in Australia. Is it like this that mechanical engg. is going to be removed from SOL list of 2017-2018.

  14. Mangesh 6 months ago

    Hello Mark, I have a query, if you can please help me out with the same –
    I have been able to get 65 points under EOI for ICT Business Analyst. Should I work on improving my score or is it good enough to get a call ?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 6 months ago

      Hi Mangesh, it’s enough to meet the requirements but the likelihood of getting a call is dependent on a number of other factors including the number and quality of other candidates.

      If I was you, I would apply with 65 points. If there are areas or gaps you could fill to get even more points then look to fill those gaps but in the meantime, I would still register an EOI.

      I say this with the disclaimer that this is just my opinion. The decision you make is ultimately up to you!

      Best of luck


      • Mangesh 6 months ago

        Hi Mark, thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I had doubts in my mind because in some of the sites I can see that the cut-off marks for ICT Business Analyst is 70 and with 65 they won’t even consider my case. Would you be able to guide me on the same ?

        • Profile photo of Mark Author
          Mark 5 months ago

          Hi Mangesh, the points requirement is 65 points. If there are applicants that have 70 points, then there is the chance that they would be invited to apply first.

          As neither you or I know how many points the other candidates have, it’s difficult to say if your case would be considered. I would not, however, suggest you do not apply based on the what you have read on other sites and forums. Go with the official information on the immigration website which is 65 points!

  15. Arunima 6 months ago

    Is Human Resource Advisor & Human Resource Manager profile considered under 132311 AIM. Though my job accountability is similar to Human Resource Manager but the reporting relationship and span of control is not matching to it and falling under the category of HR advisor role. Also do suggest other than NT any other state will invite for sponsorship in 2017. Thanks

  16. Krishna 6 months ago

    Hi Mark, I am applying for Pr under accounting but I’m stuck with 65 points . My eoi went up to 65 this February , but from my understanding the points to apply is still 70 for accounting. I’ve been getting alot of mixed feedback , but what in your honest opinion are the chances of the Australian government reducing it back to 65 points for accounting ? Thanks

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 6 months ago

      Hi Krishna

      Unfortunately, Accountant has been flagged as a role which may be removed off the SOL next year (see this article for more information) .

      Although it is difficult to say with any certainty, my opinion is that if the role is being flagged for potential removal due to the reduction in available roles for overseas candidates, It is highly unlikely that they would return the points required back to 65 after recently increasing it to 70.

      Sorry that my views are not more positive however keep in mind this is only my opinion so things may change to the contrary.

      Best wishes


      • Krishna 6 months ago

        Thanks so much for the feedback Mark . I just have one question . I am not sure if you are able to help me as it has to do with the points . But here it goes.
        I have applied for permanent residency in australia under 189 visa. Now my main question is whether I qualify for the Australian Study Qualifications (5 points) . I transferred my credits from an Australian uni based in my home country (Malaysia) and continued to pursue my bachelors ( Bcom in Businss ( majoring in accounting)) in Australia, 12 units (18 months study period) . After then I decided to pursue my Grad Certificate in Business ( Forensic Accounting) a 6 months course ( 4 units) which is clearly an advancement of my degree as a bachelors degree is a requirement before entering this course. Now can you please tell me if this counts towards the 2 year Australian study period which would get me an additional 5 points to put on my eoi.

        • Profile photo of Mark Author
          Mark 6 months ago

          Hi Krishna

          I’m not 100% sure as its very much based on your interpretation.

          To be sure I would suggest you seek clarity on this point before lodging you EOI.

          You can lodge an enquiry online with Australian immigration via this webpage.

          Please also consider registering a free account with our community if you have further questions

          All the best


  17. Maheshbabu 6 months ago

    Hi Mr.Mark , this is Mahesh .On 8-Aug-2016 i have lodged my EOI application (Engineering technologist) ,next invitation round is 17-August-2016 .Whether i already lodged before the cut off date for this round or i need to wait .When can i expect the invitation. I have 60 Points right now.What do you think .

    I’m worried becz the occupation celing is less for Engineering technologist (469 remaining)
    Thanks for your guidance

    • Maheshbabu 6 months ago

      I missed the info . I had lodged EOI for 189 Visa

      • Profile photo of Mark Author
        Mark 6 months ago

        Hi Maheshbabu, it’s almost impossible to say I’m afraid. The likelihood of you being selected in this round is not only dependent on your ‘score’ but also on the ‘scores’ and application dates of the other candidates in the pool. As it is not possible to have visibility of this it wouldn’t be fair to guess.

      • Profile photo of Mark Author
        Mark 6 months ago

        Hi mate

        Its almost impossible to say when you will get an invite as this is also dependent on the other applicants in the pool and the number of points they have.

  18. Ali umer 6 months ago

    Hi mark, i have done Msc operations and supply chain management from school of engineering and technology Hertfordshire University UK. Although my degree is accredited to UK engineering council by Institute of engineering and technology. My question is that am i eligible for skilled temporary graduate visa subclass 476.?

  19. Kalpesh 6 months ago

    I am doing research job in pharma company and deal with different chemical and drugs. I fall in chemist category. I have got positive skill assessment and at present having 65 points. I would like to know will they introduce chemist in 190 class?
    Thank you

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 6 months ago

      Hi Kalpesh, your guess is as good as mine. :)

  20. Claudio Barquett 6 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    I am a skilled carpenter from Chile, my father is an Australian Citizen and currently lives in Australia. What is the best way to migrate to Australia?

  21. Milos 7 months ago

    Hello I am Milos from Serbia,and want to ask where can apply for farm worker,truck driver or any other hard and honest job,just want to work and live of that work,thanks.

  22. Max 7 months ago

    Hi mark can you tell me please. can I apply for 189 visa as a cook.I got 3 years experienced as a cook in australia and have cert 4 in cookery .

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 7 months ago

      Hi Max. I think it will be dependent on how you are assessed.

      See this article for details on the criteria you would need to fullfil!



  23. Amit 7 months ago

    I am software test Engineer in India with 7.6 years experience. I come under CSOL. Can I apply for PR vISA and get it easily?
    Can you guide me.

  24. Sar Blute Paw 7 months ago

    My name is Sar Eh. I am from Myanmar. Are these mention lists can only apply? For me I am interesting in flower arranging. And want to work as a florist. Now i am doing Diploma in Floristry from Australia Floral Art School. Can I apply for this Visa?
    Thank you.

  25. anjum 7 months ago

    i have done mba in hr, recrutment consultant , having 3 years experience , having name in csol list, but closed can i apply for pr

  26. A Z 7 months ago


    I have postive assessment of ICT sales representative (Listed on CSOL) and points are 60 (without IELTS), if I score minimum 6 band in each component then can I apply for EOI or I have to score 7 in each component? Thanks

  27. raman 7 months ago

    hlo. m new in australia. to start with course BACHELOR OF HEALTH SCIENCES ….i jst thought of to specia;ise this course with nutrition to become a NUTRITIONIST. bt i found nutritionist on SOL not very bright…. so what should i do….may i have to opt NURSING for the future.

  28. Anaya 7 months ago

    Hey Mark
    I have a total of 65 points & the job category being call centre manager.
    I know that this job role is certainly there in the CSOL however not sure of the number of seats that will be available for grabs….
    Do you have any idea?

    Also My points would increase to 70 on the 1st Aug ’16 will ther be any chances post that to get an EOE invite within this year?


    • Profile photo of
      Mark 7 months ago

      No idea at all I’m afraid Anaya. Please keep in mind that the number of opportunities is dependent on the market conditions which can be variable throught the year. Factors such as the number of new call centres opening and the ability to source locally to fill any new positions all have an impact so its difficult to say unfortunatly. :(

      All the best


      • Anaya 7 months ago

        Any ball park guess basis you experience?
        Or any idea how many seats were there last year?

  29. Thisi 7 months ago

    Im a microbiologist with 2 years work experience. does state sponserships will open for my job category in July (when the financial year starts?)

  30. Ahmed Samir 8 months ago

    Hi am Ahmed from Egypt. Am 30 years old Civil engineer with 8 years of experience. I have completed my Australia engineer assessment positively. ILETS is overall 7 but in 2 categories 6.5. Am planning to submit my EOI this week with 60 points.

    How long it may take to receive the invitation letter to lodge my application ?

    Thanks Ahmed

    • Profile photo of
      Mark 8 months ago

      Hi Ahmed, there is no specific timecale I can suggest unfortunately as its influenced by your job and the number of additiona candidates on the Australian register who have already registered with the same (or more) points.

  31. Rolando Arcangel 8 months ago

    Hi! there I’m Electrician working in riyadh saudi arabia 11yrs and presently onboard electrician in a vessel.Filipino nationality

  32. Nirav Chauhan 8 months ago

    Hi Mark .. are doing well. I have already completed assessment of.vatassess for 149914, financial institutions branch manager. And my IELTS 7 over all. I want to know that whether it will get open in any state or not.. Since there is no opening of the skill in last 9 month’s… in CSOL. Pls guide what are he chances to get it open as per your opinion… Pls .

    • Profile photo of
      Mark 8 months ago

      Hi Nirav, it’s difficult to say.

      If you do on a search such as a website called (example search here) You will see there are lots of branch manager roles currently being advertised but none are offering Australian sponsorship which would suggest that the local labour force is meeting the markets needs at the moment.

  33. Profile photo of Nikolce Ognenovski
    Nikolce Ognenovski 9 months ago

    I am a biology engineer. I am working on the IVF program like embyoloist 13 years. I am married and father on 2 children.My wife is graduated farmacist with 9 years experience. We want to work and live in Australia. Contact

  34. GRACE 9 months ago

    Hello! Im a nurse in Philippines but currently taking certificate in aged care. So aged care is included in the list, it means that we can convert our visa to working visa if someone sponsor us? Currently here in Australia. Thank you

  35. Hi, Mark! I’m a 48 years old brazilian arquitect. During my carrier, I’ve been working only in the interior design area. Recently, after some preparing courses, I also became a personal organizer. Do I have chances on this program? Thanks in advance.

  36. malik sarmad 9 months ago

    Hey hello
    I have done 14 years education.(computer math ).
    2 years teaching experience in private school.
    Microsoft office , Ltv
    I m from pakistan.age 23..

  37. Bojana 9 months ago

    Hi Mark.I m 29 year old and come from Serbia.I m veterinary nurse.Do you have any chance for star up in Australia with my family.

  38. Caesar 9 months ago

    Hi There, My Background is Graphic Design I can use Computer Softwares such as Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop. And my latest job experience 7 years as Credit Marketing Officer in Finance Company and 2 years as Car Salesman. I have both motorcycle and car driver’s license. Now i’m working on for ISO Management 9001:2015 and ISO Products Project. So for that such requirements you can guide me..Thank you.

  39. Flora Towett 9 months ago

    Hi, I am Flora, A Certified Public Accountant from Kenya.
    Am I eligible to apply? What is the requirements and also procedure?
    Thank you in advance

    • Profile photo of
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Flora, yes you are eligible to apply as your role is on the list. There are a number of other criteria you would need to meet though (medicals / police clearnce, english tests if from a non native English speaking country etc)

      Please post in our forums and we can discuss further:

      All the best


  40. Lazaros 9 months ago

    I am electronic telecommunications engineer at the age of 56 years and my husband is a general practitioner at the age of 54 years. We have three children. One of them ends pharmacy school and the other two are students in medicine in the first year.
    Have we possibility for permanent work for all of us?

    • Profile photo of
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hello Lazaros, unfortunately the cut off for permanent residency under the skilled visa stream is 50 years old. Similar limits do not apply under the 457 visa class however this visa only lasts for 4 years. You can view the current 457 visa jobs offering sponsorship at Please post in our forums if you have any further questions as its difficult to keep track in our article comments.

      All the best


    • Raham 7 months ago

      I am an Earth Station Engineer from Channel 9, bd. Can i have any oppourtunity for skill migration in aus. What the process & what field i will apply?

      • Raham 4 months ago

        Hi Mark, I am an Earth Station Engineer of Channel 9, bd for last 4 years. I completed 4 years B.Sc. on Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. Can i have any opportunity for skill migration in aus. What the process & what field i will apply? Pls Ans. me Asas…….

  41. Matija 9 months ago

    Hi, I’m chef by profession with 10yrs of experience.
    I’m from Croatia and is there any chance for employment and working visa.

    • Profile photo of
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Matija, short answer is yes. Chef roles are one of the more popular roles and are also frequently sponsored by companies in Australia

  42. Michael Flynn 9 months ago

    Hello Mark

    I am a commercial dive and want to apply but what category would I come under.



  43. Ceferina ramirez 9 months ago

    I am a teacher from philippines and would like to work in
    I teach elementry grade 6 .looking for work in coffs harbour.will try other work fruit picking .packing shelves

  44. Gary 9 months ago

    Hi mark I have finished Diploma in business management in 2010. And currently I am working as a restaurant manager. so can I get any position skill in new sol.

  45. Profile photo of Mark Author
    Mark 9 months ago

    Just a general update guys. The 2016-17 SOL has now been published and is available here: Just an update. The 2016-17 SOL has now been published and is available here:

    • Harish 9 months ago

      Hello Mark,

      I’ve been assessed by ACS as ICT Support Engineer. Is there any possibility that I get an invite this year.

    • Harish 9 months ago

      Hello Mark,

      I’ve been assessed by ACS as ICT support Engineer(CSOL). Please let me my chances if I put in EOI early next week.

      • Profile photo of Mark Author
        Mark 9 months ago

        Hi Hamish, its almost impossible to say as your chances will be governed by the volume and quality of other candidates that have already submitted an EOI for these roles.

  46. Vidya 9 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    My roles and responsibilities cover most part of internal audit but i report to the management of my organisation. Please clarify if I can fall under 221111 or 221214. Also, please clarify if these two are still on SOL for 2016-17.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Vidya, it’s difficult to comment on your personal circumstances with such little info. If the answer was so black and white it would be an easy question to answer. :)

      I would encourage you to go through each of the bullet points for each role and consider it as if it were a job description for a job you’re applying for. You want to select the job code that most closely matches your demonstrable skills and experience.

      As for the SOL. I have no idea. Only the Australian immigration minister and his closest staff will likely know at this stage. The new SOL will be published and made public on the 1st July. We’ll post an update then.

      All the best.


      • Vidya 9 months ago

        Thank you Mark for replying..I’ve gone through every single point with tasks assigned to each of the categories…my only confusion is that since all my roles match with the one mentioned in anzscosearch for internal audit but the VETASSES website in its description also mentions that the internal auditor should be away from the organisation however I’m part of the organisation and report to management…so will it be considered for reiterate my roles and functions are similar to internal audit only

        • Profile photo of Mark Author
          Mark 9 months ago

          Hi Vidya, its difficult to say how they will interpret your qualification. As you have found it’s not always black and white!

          You may have to supplement your claim with doc proofs such as reference letters from Senior colleagues/Manager describing your job responsibilities, Statutory Declaration detailing your profile etc

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Just an update. The 2016-17 SOL has now been published and is available here:

  47. Zannat 9 months ago

    When they will published new SOL for 2017

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Zannat, the new SOL becomes effective (and will be published) 1st July 2016 and will be valid through to 30 June 2017.

  48. Diana 9 months ago

    Dear Mark,
    I am applying under Computer and Network (2631) category. I have two questions: there is only 60 places left to reach the category cap 2016, do you guess this category will remain on SOL 2016-17? and second question: Is there any chances if I submit my EOI before July?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Diana. It’s difficult to hypothesise if the role will remain, the balance seems to be pointing in the favour of technology based roles so I would see this as a positive with the caveat that nobody will really know until the new SOL is published on the 1st July.

      In relation to the second part of your question. I would recommend that you check out the ‘invitation rounds’ tab at the following link:

      Next invitation rounds
      Invitation rounds will be held twice a month. The maximum numbers of invitations to be issued in the May 2016 invitation rounds are as follows:

      11 May 2016
      Visa subclass Maximum number
      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) 1100
      Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) 5
      25 May 2016
      Visa subclass Maximum number
      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) 1100
      Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) 5
      Note: This will not have any impact on state or territory government nominations for subclass 489 – Skilled Regional (Provisional) (state or territory nominated) visas and nominations for these visas can continue as normal.

      Personally speaking, I would be inclined to submit your EOI as soon as possible. This will not guarantee that you will get a spot though. Remember with the EOI process applicants with a higher ‘score’ will receive invites first so it very much depends where you ‘rank’ amongst other candidates.

      Hope this helps :)

  49. Chitwanjit 9 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    I have seen people with analyst programmer waiting for 5-6 months to get NSW state nomination. Will the new quotas in 2016-17 expedite the process of invites for NSW ?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      I don’t think the new quotas have been published at this time Chitwanjit so it’s difficult to comment unfortunately.

  50. Roy Smith 9 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    I am a doctor completing my supervision currently in Australia. I would get my full general registration by end of October 2016. I am on 457 visa now.
    What are my chances of getting PR on completion of registration?


    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Roy, it really depends on whether or not the role you apply under is on the revised SOL which becomes effective 1st July. Having the role listed as a ‘skill in demand’ on the SOL is a key component of the Australian skilled migration visa stream.

    • Vee 9 months ago

      Hi Mark, i am currently a timber floor installer from last 2 years and i done my 10th i.e matric and some want to sponsor me to keep me in australia can he apply for me.



  51. avi 9 months ago

    hi Mark,

    I am dentist just passed my adc examination. What do you think will it be removed from consolidated list as well.

  52. Ahmed 9 months ago

    Hi Mark
    I am currently a general practitioner working in sydney on 457 visa . do you really think that GP will be removed from the list ?? that means I must apply now to get the invitation . right ?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Ahmed, I would suggest so.

      The submission from the Australian medical association included the comment:

      “Medical graduate numbers have more than doubled and Health Workforce modelling published by the Department of Health predicts likely oversupply”

      • Reejosh 9 months ago

        Hi Mark,

        Plz suggest about Public Healthcare Manager occupation!! Will it be part of the new SOL?

  53. aun 9 months ago

    hi mark whats your opinion about Credit and Loans Officers occupation # 552211. will it be in sol list of 2016-2017 or i will have to wait for some more years? please give me an idea if you have about when this occupation was removed from sol list?

  54. John 9 months ago

    Will this be continued after July 2016 revision?

  55. Pracheth 9 months ago

    Hi mark . Is international tourism and hospitality management on sol ?

  56. Nisansala 9 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    For the new list, will there be state nominations available in couple of states for Human Resource Advisor or Recruitment Consultant occupations?

  57. Ayda 9 months ago

    is there any chance for interior design to be on the list?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      I have as much of an idea as you do Ayda, to be honest though. My initial thought / gut feeling is that it would be unlikely.

      The majority of the jobs in the SOL list are skills required to make Australia and its economy successful. Architects and Builders skills in demand (think housing and business developments) however having someone to design what goes in these buildings would likely be deemed less critical. Just my $0.02 anyway. I could be wrong.

  58. karthika 9 months ago

    HI mark

    even if accountancy stays are the going to reduce points to 60 or will they keep the standards to 70. Any guesses plz.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Karthika, if its stays I’d suggest that they will leave it at 70. Accountancy has been on the verge of coming off the list for a number of years.

      From my perspective they would only reduce the points required to encourage more accountants to apply, there doesn’t appear to be such a large defect in accountants to justify this action at this time. However I have as much access to the ‘official’ position as you guys do so this is just an opinion at this stage.

      All the best


  59. Rajnish 9 months ago

    Hi Mark, I have heard that accountants will be removed from the SOL 2016-2017. is that true.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi Rajnish, there has been discussions about Accountants being removed off the SOL since early 2014. Its still there so your guess is as good as mine at this stage :)

  60. Imrul 9 months ago

    Hello Mark,Do you think is there any possibility for Ship’s Engineer to stay in the SOL list?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      There is always a possibility until the list is being finalized Imrul, however early indications suggest it may be coming off in this next round.

      • Imrul 9 months ago

        Mark,Thank you so much for your response.Would you tell me that if any occupation is excluded from the SOL list then how often it is re-enter in the list and how much time it may take?Thanks In Advance.

  61. Tavpraneet Singh 10 months ago

    Hi Mark!

    What are your views regarding the continuation of the profession of Actuary on the SOL list, given the information available?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 9 months ago

      Hi there :)

      My view is that Actuary is currently considered a skill in demand here in Australia and is published on the current SOL.

      On the basis that it’s quite a niche skillset, I’d anticipate that the role will likely remain on the 2016-2017 SOL.

      Remember though, this is just a best guess! :)

  62. Ahmed 10 months ago

    Do you mean ICT Business Analyst will remain in list and australian demand. I am going to apply in it got ACS 8 years points but afraid if i can not submit my case for EOI before june??

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 10 months ago

      Based on the information available thus far Ahmed. Yes! :)

  63. GERALDINE HENDERSON 10 months ago

    Hi, I am A Hairdresser by profession with 16+yrs of experience,will this skill be on the main list for the coming year 16-17?

  64. Christine 10 months ago

    Hello, will procurement / supply chain specialists be added to the list – I read that their skills are in demand in certain parts of Australia and recruiters are having difficulty filling?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 10 months ago

      Hi Christine, at this time… I don’t think. Perhaps 2 or 3 years ago but since the mining downturn here in Australia a lot of folks in this field are being made redundant, especially in WA.

  65. Mohit 10 months ago

    At the moment its on the supplementary list and i am kind of hoping that it will make it to the sol of south australia as i dont have the eligibility to make it to the supplementary list.

  66. Mohit 10 months ago

    Hi, is then Occupation of “Jewellery Designer” going to be added to the sol of South Australia or any other state?

  67. Sampath 10 months ago

    Dear Dr.

    Currently, there is a possibility of applying migration under Corporate Services Manager to South Australia. Will this be continued after July 2016 revision?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 10 months ago

      It’s difficult to say with 100% certainty, however most of the roles coming off the list appear to have a medical focus so there is a good chance the corporate services manager role will remain.

      With that said, we can’t be 100% certain until the new list is published in July.

  68. Toh Yew Beng 10 months ago

    Sir, my name is Toh Yew Beng from Malaysia. I am trying to get a job in Australia with visa. how can i or how to apply.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  69. Dr.Faheem Khan 10 months ago

    What about Agriculturisits and Social scientist

  70. Mine Sauro 10 months ago

    Hi there! Are these jobs open for Filipino workers?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 10 months ago

      If you have the skill Mine, Australia does not discriminate on your country of origin.


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