Australian Baby BonusSince the birth of our little girl the missus has been busy (thanks honey 😉 ) completing all the necessary paper work to make sure she was legal.

This has included registering the birth and also completing the appropriate paperwork to apply for our baby bonus.

In Australia, parents of new babies born in Australia are paid a baby bonus. I’m not 100% to sure why the bonus is paid but I think in essence its there to encourage Aussies to ‘go forth and multiply’

Australia is probably as far removed from those countries suffering high population issues as you can get.

Unlike other developed countries, Australia’s population is still very low. At time of typing it stands at approx 20.4 Million and due to the mammoth size of the country theres plenty of room for many more.

Australia’s population density is only 2.6 people to each square kilometer. Compare this to the 246 per kilometer that the UK manages to squeeze in or China’s 636 people per square kilometer and you’ll get the idea.

Because Australia relies so much on an influx of skilled migrants to help its economy it kinda makes sense that locals are encouraged to help contribute to the local economy by bringing new Aussies into the world.

I have to say, when we got $4100 credited to our account by the Aussie government as a thank you for the birth of our beautiful baby daughter I was pretty surprised.

This amount is due to increase to $5000 next year and can be claimed every year until your child is 5 years old.

Thanks very much Mr Howard, that’ll buy a few nappies!

Useful resources : Aussie Taxation Website Baby Bonus Info : Link opens in new window.