I’ve gotta admit that when it comes down to managing our money and making the most of what we have, I’m a little to laid back for our own good 🙂

Case in point, in the last two – three weeks the value of the Australian dollar has strengthened significantly against the UK pound without us even realising.

This is really good if we had loads of money in an Australian bank account and we were planning a holiday back to Blighty as it would mean we would get plenty of UK pounds for our Aussie Buck.

This becomes a problem however when you have the proceeds of a house sale sat in a number of UK bank accounts and you want to start looking at finally bringing the cash back ‘home’ to Australia

The $0.10 cent that the Australian exchange rate has changed in the last 2 – 3 weeks literally accounts for thousands of dollars that we will no longer see should we decide to bring our UK cash onto Australian shores now.

Having said that, the Aussie exchange rates are better (for savers) and we could chuck this same money into an instant access savings account in Australia and earn an extra 2 – 3 % more interest on these same funds then we would back in the UK.

I know its all relative. This time last year the Aussie rate was at about the $2.20 to the ÂŁ1.00 mark so we’ll have made a few dollars when we look at things this way.

What to do eh? Ahhhhhhh!