Australian Visa Free Online Assessment Tool

Hi Guys, I’ve been meaning to make this service available for a while but it’s taken me a little time to identify an appropriate Australian Immigration Company with whom we could partner with to offer this serice.

I’m pleased to confirm that we have chosen to partner with National Visa’s and in conjunction with National Visa’s we are now able to offer all Getting Down Under visitors a FREE Austraian Visa assessment tool to see if you’d qualify for a visa to move down under. 

The FREE Australian Visa online assessment tool is designed to instantly determine if you may be eligible to apply for a visa to Australia. The Online Assessment incorporates criteria set by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and is the most accurate and comprehensive Online Visa and Immigration Assessment tool available.

To take the free assessment to see if you would qualify for an Australian Visa then please click the link below:

Australian Visa Free Online Assessment

We hope you find this a useful addition and would be happy to hear any inital feedback in the comments below.