Can you get SKY Satellite TV in Australia?

Foxtel IQ - Just like Sky plus but with a different nameI’ve noticed recently that quite a few folks have been hitting getting down under via search engines  using search terms such as Sky TV in Australia and How do I get SKY TV in Australia?

The only reason why I’d imagine Google and co are presenting  GDU in these results is because of the the article I wrote whilst back in the UK titled ‘How to cut your SKY TV costs in half’?

Within this article I basically wrote about how willing the folks at SKY were to offer us great deals when we told them we were going to cancel our subscription.

In hindsight there wasn’t  a lot the poor buggers could do really as we were moving to Australia for good, still it shows that they are willing to drop their proverbial pants to try and keep the business.

Anyway, to provide a slightly more useful article for those looking I thought I’d write an entry to really answer the question: Can you get SKY Satellite TV in Australia?

Well, for those interested, unfortunately you cannot get SKY TV here in Australia (boooo!). If you think about it, your SKY Satellite dish might be pointing skywards in the UK at the Sky Satellite deep in Space but down under, around the other side of the world we can’t even see this Satellite.

Thankfully though we are not only limited to the 5 terrestrial channels here in Australia. We have a Sky equivalent here in Aus called Foxtel.

Foxtel was formed through a joint venture between Telstra and News Corporation (Rupert Murdochs mates). With the Foxtel service you’ll find many of the same features you’ll be familiar with as a Sky user such as IQ (aka Sky+), the EPG and Red Button Active.

So What will you be able to Watch on TV here in Australia?  

At time of typing the current channel line up is as follows:

News and Documentaries

 Animal Planet
 BBC World
 Bloomberg Television
 Crime & Investigation
 Discovery Channel
 Discovery Health
 Discovery Science
 Discovery Travel
 FOX News
 National Geographic
 Sky News Australia
 The History Channel
 The Weather Channel


 Nat Geo Adventure
 Sky Racing


 FOXTEL Box Office

Kids Stuff

 Cartoon Network
 Disney Channel
 Nick Jr.
 Playhouse Disney


 E! Entertainment
 Fashion TV
 FOX Classics
 FOX Classics+2
 HOW TO Channel
 Lifestyle Channel+2
 LifeStyle FOOD
 The LifeStyle Channel
 TV1+ 2
 W. +2


 Channel [V]
 Channel [V]2
 Country Music Channel

And last but not least *cough*

Special Interests ;)

 Adults Only 960 / 961
 Antenna Pacific
 FOXTEL Gamesworld
 Main Event
 RAI International

How much does it cost?

The packages start at $37.95 per month (approx £16) Rising to $64 (£27) for the full lot.

For those big Sky Sports fans who like their UK premiership games, you’ll find many of the  big games on both the terrestrial channels and also on Foxtel.

However, don’t expect the full on Premiership coverage that you’d get in the UK. Here in Australia this precious airtime is handed over to sports such as AFL or similar.

So there you go.

Finally; remember the ‘Sky’ here in Australia has this big thing called Sunshine in it, so  you won’t miss it that much ;)

Useful Resources : Foxtel Website (Opens in new window)

  1. Andy 3 years ago

    I notice that SKY UK can show AFL, Rugby Union, Cricket, so how do they pick it up, as it works from the UK, why not the other way around. Can they not bounce the signal off the satlites

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 3 years ago

      It’s always possible Andy. At a guess I’d assume Sky UK gets this information transmitted to them via the internet or similar high speed network :)

  2. baxhjeh 4 years ago

    fox is rubbish, doesnt come near sky

  3. Cody Black 5 years ago

    I know someone in New Zealand who has Foxtel.
    If New Zealand has Sky is it possible to get it in Australia.

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 years ago

      Not that I’m aware of Cody. Never seen it advertised in the 6 years I’ve been here. Must be a licensing thing!



  4. sandra 5 years ago

    If New Zealand can get sky, why can`t Aus. There both `down under`

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 5 years ago

      Same name, different company Sandra



  5. ange 5 years ago

    Thankyou so much for ur thoughtful article.. It answered everything that i have been asking on google for the last half hour… Great Job Mate.. XxXxXxXx

  6. Ricky 7 years ago

    Yes slingbox is the way to go. I left the UK last year but before so bought myself a slingbox which I set up at my brothers place (London) so now I watch all the english football live. I have a dodo adsl2 internet which is unlimited during its off-peak times (1am to 1pm) which is when all the football is on anyway in the UK ‘Perfect’

  7. Newckie 7 years ago

    Shame! I would much rather have Sky than the sleezy american foxtell with all its garbage, huge costs, lousy service and poor transmission quality! Australia is fast losing its own identity. When do we become the 51st state. Anyone like to play Infected by Matt Johnson (The The)

  8. Terry 8 years ago

    Try a dedicated slingbox/sky setup in the UK stream over the internet with a good upload speed pictures are excellent.

  9. Mike 8 years ago

    Still an impressive channel lineup, not bad at just equivalent to £16 per month.

  10. dupsco 8 years ago

    If you have sky player installed on your laptop in the uk/ireland with a valid username and password, can it be used in Oz? or even worldwide?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 8 years ago

      Hi mate, if this is some web based application then yep, we do have the internet in Australia you know ;)

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 8 years ago

      Actually, scrap that. Just looking at the website and it says that Sky Player is only available in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

      I guess that means it won’t work unless you try to ‘pretend’ that you still in the UK by using a UK based Proxy server.

  11. Profile photo of Mark Author
    Mark 9 years ago

    Funny you should say that Vicky because I’m just in the process of ordering my broadband here in Oz.

    I heard the same about the speeds and availability but in the main areas it’s as readily available as in the UK and it seems ADSL2 (the faster version of ADSL) is becoming more widly available.

    My new house is in the catchment area for ADSL2 and I’ve been told by a friend of mine who lives in the same subrub (who recommended the service) to expect download speeds of over 22 mb/sec (Fast!).

    Still, I’ve not seen this myself yet so I’ll save the actual results for a future blog entry :)

    Cheers for the input


  12. Vicky 9 years ago

    There is (apparently) another option, although it depends on your broadband speed and download limits. You can get a nifty sounding box called Slingbox, which you plug into a Sky+ box back in Blighty (say, at your folks’ home) and link to their broadband connection, then you can “dial” into it from anywhere in the world, watch recorded programmes, “live” tv etc. I’ve heard bad things about Aussie broadband though – slow, capped and very expensive, so unless someone knows otherwise it might not be ideal…

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