Dead whale washed up on Sorrento Beach

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I blogged about a dead Whale which had been washed up in Hillarys boat harbour just down the road from where we lived here in Quinns Rocks.

Back then, the carcass was in the news because it was starting to draw the unwelcome attention of a great white shark which caused the usually family friendly beach to be closed.

Less then a year later, another humpback whale (all 15 metres of it) has been washed up to shore but this time onto a beach a few hundred yards down the road from Hillarys in a placed called Sorrento. Sorrento just so happens to be the place we stayed when we did our original rekkie to Perth back in early 2006.

Whilst en-route to its final resting spot on Sorrento beach, two sharks were seen this time circling the whale’s carcass when the whale was first spotted offshore at Hillarys.

I know these things have to end up somewhere but I’m unsure what the draw is to our local beaches. Thankfully it’s not one of the whales we saw a few weeks back.


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