Deadly 60 - Australia - Tiger snakes in PerthDeadly 60 – Australia is being broadcast on BBC one tomorrow at 17:15 for anyone that’s interested.

Within the program, lucky wildlife expert Steve Backshall and his crew head for the Australian continent as he continues his Deadly 60 mission.

During the program he visits Perth (yay!) which turns our to be home to one of Australia’s deadliest snakes, the tiger snake (boo!).

For all those who choose to tune in, theres a surprise in store as it turns out that these snakes live right alongside the visitors to the city’s local park. How nice!

Happily, slightly less deadly Australian animals are also highlighted in the show including pelicans and bottlenose dolphins. I wonder if they filmed the dolphins over in Monkey Mia?

As I can’t the good old beeb from down under then I’d appreciate the views of anyone who saw the show. Were the tiger snakes that scary?