Dogs and Cats Moving To Australia – Quarantine Period Reduced

moving cat dog australia quarantineIt seems like forever since I wrote the post about taking your pet dog or cat to Australia. I guess to a degree, it was a long time. Almost 8 years as a matter of fact. How time flies when your having fun :-)

So I guess the reason for this post is because I bring good news.

When we brought our cats to Australia, the boys had to stay in Australian Quarantine for 30 days.

30 days is a long time to be kept apart from your pets but thankfully the time required to spend in quarantine has reduced from 30 days to only 10.

Yep, that’s right. In under two weeks you could be reunited with your furry mate!

I would note there is a small caveat though

From the AQUIS website:

All cats and dogs must complete a minimum of 10 days in an Australian quarantine facility. Please note that 10 days quarantine is the minimum requirement only and that any issues that may increase the bio security risk posed by an animal may result in a longer stay in post-entry quarantine (for example, if a tick is found on your dog, they will need to stay for 21-30+ days until they repeat their blood testing; at your cost).

All the info you need can be found over at the departments website here :

The site also includes a great tool to help you calculate the steps you’ll need to go through when bringing your pet dog or cat to Australia and the timing required for each.

Happy days all around I recon :yahoo:

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