Electrical Engineer – Sample CDR Template

Civil Engineer - Sample CDR Template

Electrical Engineer - Sample CDR Template

If you are a qualified Electrical engineer looking to emigrate to Australia then download this free Electrical Engineer CDR template to better help you understand the types of information Engineers Australia will be looking for when assessing your skills.

All our Free CDR templates are provided in PDF format. You’ll need a PDF reader to open these files which if you don’t already have can be downloaded from the adobe website by clicking here (free of charge of course).

Please remember to use our Free CDR templates as a guide only

An engineer applicant who submits a CDR for skills assessment to Engineers Australia must make a signed declaration stating that the CDR is all their own work and is a true representation of their personal competence. If someone gets their CDR written by someone else or copies a CDR, then the declaration which the applicant will be signing and submitting with their application will be false.


  1. sourabh gupta 2 months ago

    Hi I have done Bachelors of Engineering in electrical & Electronics, but after graduation i was working for past 5 years in Information Technology. So would I be able to apply PR through Engineers Australia by providing three CDR

  2. visa 5 months ago

    I am an electrical engineer with more than 10year experience in extra high voltage power transmission sector.Looking for CDR preparation. Main duties includes testing,operations and maintenance of Power transformer,switchgear,relay,instrument transformer, control and relay panels,earth mat design,etc

  3. Navin Sangwan 8 months ago

    I am in instrumentation Engineer, working in oil and gas sector in Industrial Automation mainly working of Flow computers, PLC, SCADA, FEILD INSTRUMENTS etc. So can somebody provide a sample CDR who is having a same experience.

  4. fahad 1 year ago

    I need the CDR of procurement Engineer. fahadghani_87@hotmail.com

  5. Harmeet Gill 2 years ago

    Can you share the CDR for power systems engineers or hybrid power systems engineers

  6. rahul 3 years ago

    can any one give sample cdr of mechanical engineer who working in fabrication of mechanical engineer

  7. pdd 4 years ago

    Hi i need electrical engineer cdr report. Above mention file is not opening

    • rahul 3 years ago

      cdr sample of mechanical engineer

  8. WardaWarda 4 years ago

    Hello, I cannot download the file. What is the procedure? Thank you,

    • Author
      Mark 4 years ago

      Please try again mate.This is a recurring problem so I’ll be looking to change the software I’m using to host the .pdf files in the very near future.

  9. Eyad 5 years ago

    Hi guys
    Any body has mechanical engineer cdr sample, please share.

  10. khaled 5 years ago

    thnks allot but i need cdr for design eng.

  11. Rajdeep 5 years ago

    hi.please anyone send me electrical design engineer CDR report.its very urgent for me.

    Rajdeep kaur

  12. Marat 5 years ago

    Hi Guys,
    I am interested in CDR samples provided on this site. But I am having difficulty downloading them.
    Could you please share one?


    • Author
      Mark 5 years ago

      Hi Marat, we had a small issue stopping users from downloading the files. You should now be good to go.



  13. sunil 5 years ago

    Hi Rajah, Please send me a copy of your CDR

  14. Rajah 5 years ago

    Dear All,
    Anyone interested in samples of CDR, please contact me. I am a Chemical Engineer and I can share mine.

    • Author
      Mark 5 years ago

      Hi rajah, please can you send sanitised copy to webmaster (at) gettingdownunder.com and I’ll upload it for everyone? It’ll save you having to field too many emails then :)



      • Ik 3 years ago

        Hello Mark,

        I wish to ask this question.
        If I am applying for a telecommunications network engineer and my certificate show BTech but I have been working as a telecommunications engineer,can I apply as a professional engineer?I my bachelors degree was 5 years just like any other engineering course.


    • Olik 5 years ago

      Dear Rajah,

      Could you please share your chem eng CDR with me?

    • Miri 1 year ago

      Dear Rajah,
      Can you please share with me too?


    • Amila 1 year ago

      Hi Rajah can you share with me please amilawickyuom@gmail.com

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