I’ve just read an interesting article posted by the Australian Newspaper about the number of extra workers required if Western Australia is going to continue to grow at its current rates.

Apparently an extra 400,000 workers will be needed in Western Australia over the next 10 years if the state is to reap the full benefits of the economic boom.

Despite an increase in the Skilled Migration quota for the 2007 – 2008 year, I’m really not sure where WA is going to find all these people.

Despite the fact that there are “770 people flooding into the State each week” its only a matter of time before this influx of new migrants starts to have a counter productive effect.

House prices are already at an all time high here in Western Australia. Although the 40% annual increase we saw in house prices during the last 18 months seems to have slowed significantly, house prices are still rising with a more modest rise of just under 2% in the last quarter.

Things such as high house prices are surely not going to encourage folks to place a big tick in Western Australia’s box when they are deciding which of the Australian States they want to call their new home.

As more people move into the state and new houses are becoming more difficult to get hold of its going to be a matter of time before theres no where for all of these people to live.

Back in August I wrote about the influx of new migrants coming into Perth and I questioned then where they would all live.

The same question still applies.