fantasy homes down under coming to uktv styleFantasy Homes Down Under is a new series coming soon to UKTV and we’ve been contacted by Sarah, a member of the Fantasy Homes down under team, who are looking for people to take part in their new 5 part TV Series planned for 2009.

“We are looking for British expats who are living in Australia and looking to buy a property. They could be buying their first house in Australia, or just looking to move. We are looking for willing participants who would like the Fantasy Homes team to assist in finding them their dream home and filming the journey for Fantasy Homes (currently in its third series and the highest rating show on UKTV Style).” Says Sarah

It looks like the down under programs are proving  pretty popular with the Fantasy Homes franchise looking to follow in the success of the BBC’s popular Wanted down under TV Series.

The Fantasy Homes franchise helps people relocating to find their dream home in a perfect location. In addition to finding their ideal property, each series explores the location as a whole, looking at the best local activities and walks with some breathtaking location shots and houses to die for.

Fantasy Homes Down Under heads towards the southern hemisphere to find ideal homes in Australia. The 5 x 60 minute series assists Brits looking to re-locate to Oz and start their new life down under.

The Official Pitch and contact details are below so if your interested give the guys a call or send them an email. If you get a spot on the show then let us know how you get on 🙂



Then Fantasy Homes Down Under could help you!

Let us take the hard work out of house-hunting as we find your dream home and film the journey for a glamorous TV series for UKTV Style.

Whether you’re looking for a dream beach front property or a farm with acres of land…you tell us what you need and we’ll find it!

Fantasy Homes is UKTV Style’s highest rating show and is currently in its third successful series.

Filming starts in November so get in touch NOW for some hassle-free house hunting!

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 00 11 44 207 255 5482 or email your contact details and a brief description to