Finding a Sponsored Job in Australia

Many people around the world are trying to find the answer to the question: "How do I find a sponsored job in Australia?".Many people around the world are trying to find the answer to the question:

“How do I find a sponsored job in Australia?”.

Finding an Australian employer to sponsor you can be the most difficult part in emigrating to Australia. Most people search for a sponsor by applying to adverts on job search websites or in newspapers.

Did you know that only an estimated 30% of all jobs are advertised here? There are theories that around 70% of all jobs in Australia are found in the ‘hidden job market’, meaning they are not advertised through the usual media channels.

This article will give you a plan, using several steps, of how to tap into the hidden job market in Australia, and to help to make your dream of emigrating to Australia become a reality.

Get Sponsored to Move to Australia

1. Research Sponsored Visa Opportunities

You will not often find Australian employers advertising that they are looking for someone to sponsor from overseas. The main reason being, if there is someone with the required skill set in Australia, it is easier for the Australian employer to offer a job to someone who is already established in Australia and can start work immediately.

Recent changes to the 457 visa process also mean that employers now have to provide evidence that the roles were advertised locally first which reduces the likelihood of the role being advertised as a sponsored job in Australia.

For foreign nationals. Going through the sponsorship process means there are additional costs involved and the time delay for the sponsored individual to commence employment in Australia often makes their candidature look less attractive to potential employers.

You are also unlikely to find an Australian employer to sponsor you through the use of a recruitment agency,unless that recruitment agency specifically mentions in their job advertisement that the Australian employer is willing to sponsor the right candidate.

Search out companies in Australia whom you would like to work for. In general, larger companies in Australia are more likely to sponsor people from overseas than the smaller companies (due to budgets and business scope), however you should not strike out the smaller companies, as some are still willing to sponsor the right person. Wikipedia provides a list of Australian companies.

You can also research the Yahoo Companies Directory to find companies in Australia to approach for sponsorship. The advantage of Yahoo is that they have categorised the companies for you to make it easier to find what kind of company you are looking for.

Contact these companies that interest you, sending them your resume / CV and enquire as to whether they have any opportunities available.

Many of the larger companies tend to have a “Careers” section on their website, where they enable job seekers to search for their current vacancies, and also to submit their resume and cover letter into their database. This way, if they do not have a current vacancy that is suitable to your experience, they can call upon their database when a position does become available, and contact you.

Finally, consider using one of the specialist websites such as 457 Jobs Australia. These guys consolidate all of the jobs currently advertised online where the advertiser states that they are offering Australian 457 Visa Sponsorship. They charge a small subscription fee to ‘unlock’ the jobs so you can apply but they will also save you a heap of time as all of the jobs they list are jobs where 457 sponsorship is being offered as part of the employment package.

2. Global Companies

Search out global companies who are based in both your home country and in Australia, and find out whether they offer transfer opportunities – quite often global companies do.

Even though it might mean working in your home country for a period of time before an opportunity arises in Australia, it is worth it in the long run, if it means you can emigrate to Australia through that company. Global organisations also tend to look impressive on your CV / resume.

3. Keep a Record

Keep a list of the companies that interest you, and contact them all. I recommend phoning to speak to the manager of the department you would like to work in.

If that fails, speak with the Human Resources department. Find out whether they are a company who are willing to sponsor someone from another country with the right skill set.

Find out how often they destroy applications /resumes / CVs as well – most companies in Australia hang on to applications for 3-6 months, so to be safe, you should follow up your applications every three months. Keep a record of all of the dates you apply for jobs and speak with the company, for ease of keeping on top of your Australian job applications.

4. Plan a Trip to Australia

Once you have quite a healthy list of companies you would like to work for (no list is too long), and have applied and spoken to all of them, you should plan a trip to Australia where you can meet with each of the employers.

If you are unable to set an appointment with every employer, make a plan to visit the company anyway, dropping off your updated resume, and try to get in front of either the department manager, or a Human Resources Manager.
Through making this vital connection with the Australian employers, you reach them on a personal level, and if they like you, they are more inclined to consider sponsorship than if they had not met you at all.

5. Volunteer Work Experience

If you are able to, when you visit Australia, try to line up some volunteering work with some organisations in Australia.

Companies that are most likely to accept volunteers are charitable and non-profit organisations. Approach them and set it up before arriving in Australia so you can build it into your plan for your trip to Australia.

Also ensure that you are volunteering in the area of your profession. It will be to your advantage if you have experience working in Australia when you are looking for a sponsor, even if it is volunteer employment.

Non Profit Organisations Australia“, has a comprehensive listing of non-profit organisations in Australia by state / region / city or town, and is a great place to search for possible companies to approach for volunteer work.

6. Build your Networks

Use social media, join industry groups, make friends in all the right places and put yourself out there. Use your networks and use other people’s networks – especially if you already know people in Australia.

sponsored jobs australia - Linkedin

Linked In is fantastic for professional networking and has the benefit of assisting employers to find you.

Here at Getting Down Under we have our own Linkedin group specifically targeted at people looking to emigrate to Australia. You are very welcome to view and join our group by clicking here.

Facebook, and other social networking sites can also be useful, particularly joining industry or Australia-focused groups.

The more you put yourself out there, the more success you will have in finding an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you. If you think of it this way: most people have at least 100 people in their networks. Therefore if each of those 100 people also have 100 people in their networks, you potentially have access to a network of 1000 people! The more people you are connected to, the more likely you are to find someone who has connections in Australia.

Make everyone that you know, aware of your search for sponsored employment in Australia, and ask them to reach out to anyone that they know, who may be able to help.You should also try and be wise when building your networks and be selective with you you are connecting with. It would be wise, for example, to strive to make as many connections with Australians as possible, especially if they are working in the profession of your choice.

7. Study in Australia

Are there any courses or further education in Australia in your industry you can enroll in? If you can get a student visa and go to Australia to study, you are normally entitled to a certain amount of hours per week that you can work.

This is an awesome opportunity for you to network, get your foot in the door and gain valuable Australian experience and qualifications. Quite often, foreign nationals who study in Australia, are able to stay on in Australia afterward, by transferring their visa status and/or through finding sponsored employment in Australia.

There is certainly an advantage for applying for jobs when you are already in Australia, as you are immediately available for job interviews. Again – it is making that personal connection with Australian employers.

8. Successful Self-Marketing

Prepare your marketing materials for success. Do your research to ensure that you will be competitive in the Australian job market – that means ensuring your resume / CV is up to date an in an appropriate format .Check out our Australia Resume article for some top tips.

Also, make sure you write a high-impact cover letter that will entice the Australian employer to review your resume / CV.

If you are serious about increasing your chances of finding an employer sponsor in Australia, make sure you allocate a reasonable amount of time to updating your Australian Resume.

In Summary

Remember: a large number of jobs in Australia are not advertised, and are found in the Australian ‘hidden job market’. It is essential to your success that you access this enormous resource of job opportunities in Australia.

By following the steps above, and consistently working towards your goal on a long-term basis through thorough research, keeping track of your applications, utilising the hidden job market, building your networks, ensuring your marketing materials are of high quality and competitive in the Australian job market, planning a trip to Australia, considering volunteer work in Australia and/or furthering your studies in Australia; you are guaranteed to increase your likelihood of finding a sponsored job in Australia.

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  • JBasket

    It can be very tough to get a sponsored-job in Australia, but you have outlined all the good tips here. thanks for sharing.

  • Julia

    Hi Nadine! Thank you for the article! I was trying to find the list of companies that do sponsorship visas on Wikipedia, but I couldn’t find it! Any tips on keywords? Or the link?

    Cheers! Julia

  • Raymond Patterson

    Thanks for the great tips.l may well have a sponsor,still waiting news.Is is possible to start a business in Australia as a UK expat?Or could one reside and work there via an office in the lsle or somewhere else? Thanks Ray………..

  • Elsayed

    I am professional in the following:
    – Maintenance Engineering, preparing Maintenance Policy, Spare Parts policy.
    – Selection of spare parts, Maintenance Work Instruction (MWI)
    – Preparing maintenance plane and revision of (SPIR)
    – Field Maintenance Engineer, Mechanics.
    – Class and On-Job Trainer.
    i am looking for sponsored job

  • Tomas Warden

    My name is Tomas Warden,
    Im 27 years young and have been let down by my last employer.

    Im a qualified carpenter with 10 years experience. I have all the nessesary tools plus dedication to excellence in every job i do.
    I am in desperare need of sponsership and have allready got the funding and case manager in waiting. If you can help you will have gained an asset to your business.

  • david weston

    my name is dave im currently going through my visas as we speak and wanting to know if there is any ceramic tiling work out in oz i have 15 yrs experience thanks

  • Brian

    I am a qualified and experienced electrician and I have been running my own electrical business for over twenty years.

    I have obtained written acceptance from Vetassess (category level 1 electrician) regarding my Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). I am enrolled to do the exams in February 2012.
    Unfortunately the exams are not carried out in Ireland so I am travelling to the UK to do them.
    This is a Vetassess scheme to get my Trade Certs/Papers recognised in Australia, so I can hit the ground running when I relocate with my family.

    The projects I have been involved with have been Industrial, Commercial and domestic. I have been involved from the initial stages right through to the final phase.
    I have estimated, purchased materials and then managed a variety of Electrical and Construction contracts, consisting of many different budgets and requirements.

    I am a quick learner and always willing to learn new skills.

    I have served a four and a half-year apprenticeship, complete with qualifications.
    I was then self-employed for four and a half years.
    I then went travelling and working to Australia, Canada and then London.

    I completed night courses in college where I did my City & Guilds. The results I obtained were among the best in the history of the college. I was offered a position of instructor/lecturer.

    I can furnish excellent references, including one when I was an electrical foreman on a large site in Sydney. I was also a leading hand on installations on the London Underground.
    I had to obtain character clearance on some sensitive jobs here in Ireland as well as the UK.
    · Recently received my white card after doing a course online.
    · I have extensive first aid experience.
    · I have a full clean driving licence, directly transferable to an Australian driving licence. I also have an International driving licence.

    I am a hard worker, loyal, extremely reliable and honest, well worth a chance to show my experience.

  • Rupinderjit kaur

    i have done diploma in disability from sydney. i am working here in sydney. and looking for employer sponsorship in any part of australia. please help me.

  • mangal

    i am mangal from Nepal than i like to inform that about how can i get job & sponsor in Australia please any sponsor want to give me visa please e mail me here -email removed for privacy – thank you .

  • zahraossadat saadati

    i am 26 years old and i did a degree in agriculture engineering .i have more than 4 years work experience. I have all the nessesary tools plus dedication to excellence in every job i do.I am a hard worker, loyal, extremely reliable and honest
    I am a quick learner and always willing to learn new english is good and my partner is an architect work man in building.he is 26 years old and he is very very smart and he has 6 year work experience ,his english is good also

    we are looking for sponsored job please help us.

  • Mary Cris

    thanks for these informative blog. I am an external auditor who looks a sponsored position in Oz for almost a year. I think I should plan it very well. thanks again.

  • Abeywickrama

    I Want get a job and degree from Australia. But not any people sponsered me.
    I want a sponser.

  • AJIT


    • Mark

      Not really skills in demand I’m afraid AJIT :(

      Check out this link for details f the skills n demand:

      Best wishes



      • Karen

        Hi Mark, Im 49 yrs of age (yes thats why Im panicking) I have extensive exp in Office – manager/pa/admin in various industries, but also have 6 credits now towards taking foundation degree as I have been working for people sensory impaired, working on my ETM L2/3 should pass by April, also learning BSL L1. Im also a Zumba Fitness Instructor, I wonder if any of my skills would get me ‘into’ Australia on whatever Visa/Sponsorship. Im a hard worker and can prove that – currently s/e and work days/nights/Sundays – study Sats. What are my chances – I have friends in Sydney and Melbourne. Thanks

  • sujit Thakur

    sir me sujit having degree of bachelor of physiotherapy. ..I want to study masters of physiotherapy in sponsership quota. ….

  • ambross

    hi im rad. tech. from philippines with a nine years experience in my field, Is there any hospital/employer or institution from australia can sponsor me? thanks..

  • kirti

    i am a hotelier …. a guest relations manager……….. looking for a sponsored job in australia……. can anyone help?

  • Gerard

    I am a 46 yr old Irish man, seeking employment in the following expertise, Passive House construction & Retro Fitting, Passive Hse, Mechanical Services, PV Micro Photovoltaic, Thermal Insulation Conservation of Fuel & Energy , Rainwater Harvesting, Biomass Heating, I am Certified by the German Passive House Institute In Passive house Construction , Mech Serv, & Planning consultancy, I have City & Guilds Thermal Insulation Conservation Fuel & Energy, National Qualification (Fetac level6) Biomass Heating, Rainwater Harvesting, & Micro Solar PV Panels installer commissioning & design, External Insulation consultant, & currently doing a Bsc in Energy Management ,

    any help with finding me a suitable employer would be greatly appreciated .


  • Charl

    Hi There

    Looking for a Facilities Manager Sponsorship. Thank you.

  • lynsey

    hi my name is lynsey i am a fully qualified healthcare assisstant and currently working in ireland with a afranchise, i would love to expand my horizon and move to auz to work as a healthcare assisstant over there, i carry fetac level 5 , HACCP food hygiene etc.

  • nico

    Hi i am nicholas from south africa! Im looking for a sponsored job in mechanical engineering in australia

  • nardos

    hi im nardos i have deploma in markating but i can do any job im from ethiopia leav in south africa may God bless the one who think to sponser me

  • paulo

    hi there mark i am portugues south african caucacian ,i am a profissional truck driver for 23 years ,and i have mecanical knowleage off most trucks ,can you welp me find a sponser that can welp me work for interstate long distance driving

  • Jon Ireland

    Hi Mark

    I currently live and work in the U.K. I have been in the Automotive Industry for the last 26 years Qualifying as a vehicle technician gaining my City & Guilds level 1,2 & 3. In 1993 I left the mechanical side of the business and moved into sales as this was the only way to progress to Senior Management. I have now been a General Manager / Dealer Principal for the last 13 years responsible for single and multiple operations for some of the largest companies in the U.K. As a family we really want to move out to Australia making it our new home and future for our children. We have recently been out to Adelaide which confirmed our thoughts to progress. As a family we understand that the job will dictate the area or which part of Australia we would initially find ourselves at. We have already sold our family home and have all our belongings in storage. Can you help find me sponsorship.
    Kind Regards Jon

    • david omondi

      Hi, am david from kenya, am a trained mechanic with good practical experience of about 13yrs. I would be very glad to find a sponsor.

  • Bernardus Dreyer

    Hi i am a qualified personal trainer i qualified through HFPA, I currently live in south africa and im wanting to immigrate to australia for a better way/quality of life if anyone has any advice for me it would be very appreciated. if there is any sponsored work im a hard worker and i have a passion for my work plz contact me :-)

  • febe

    hello …I’m febe from the Philippines.. I am looking for employer who will sponsor me so I can work in Australia.

  • con

    I’m from the u.k with a degree in english literature, would this open any doors for sponsored jobs? I also have experience in catering and hospitality and was wondering if that was a worthwhile route to consider looking into? many thanks and all the best.

  • Jock

    I am a 43 year old, born and bred Scotsman, married to a good Irish girl and we have 3 young boy’s 6,9 and 13 respectively. Our current intentions are to emigrate to New South Wales, where both my Sisters and Mother have lived for many years now.

    I am currently trying to secure employment in Project Management/Sales in the commercial interior sector where I hold extensive experience. As well as working previously for a high profile office supply and fit out company I was company Director of 2 companies over the last 10 year period. Please see attached CV for your initial perusal. Through the course of my career you will see my peak strengths have been in both sales and Project Management, both of which I hold an inherent passion for.

  • Naved

    Very Helpful site for me, really appreciate your efforts. Thanks

  • ruoth

    i’m a kenyan and a journalist by proffession, I have been trained in news anchoring , reporting, research and besides that i also know abit of public relationship, computer knowlege so i can do other jobs beside journalism also, i am looking for work sponsorship. hope there is someone one who will help me get a job in Australian. thanks in advance

  • Brendan conlan

    Hi mark my name is Brendan I am a 24 year old bricklayer and paver from Ireland and I am in need off some help I was promised sponsorship when I headed back home from Australian in June to watch my younger brother box in the London Olympics but ni that I am back my boss dosing really seem to interested and any advice would be great fully appreciated thanks

  • John Earl Fagara

    good day Mark, I’m john earl fagara from philippines, I’m planning to work and looking for an employer to sponsor me in Australia?, how i can look for an employer to sponsor me? I’m a skilled applicant.

  • Jenny

    Hi, I have been living and working here in Australia now for over 4 years now and consider it my home
    I am currently on a 457 business. Before the new changes and political media frenzy that surrounds them now I was eligible to apply for permanent residency last week but the rules were changed late last year meaning that I would have to complete 2 years of employment with the same employer – which is fine – except I have been made redundant.
    I now have just 30 days to transfer my visa to another willing employer.
    I have applied for over 40 jobs and one recruitment agent even told me that ‘the employer is really interested in you but they have issues surrounding the visa’. Week later no interview.
    There is not enough education about the visa, the changes, employers need more education, recruiters need more education, so that the right jobs for the right people get filled.
    We do not put Australians through this in the UK – it just
    seem fair

  • Sarah Lawson

    Hey Mark! This was a great post on finding a sponsored job in Australia. I cannot stress enough how important it is to further an applicant’s education once they get to Australia. This not only opens new opportunities, but it also makes it easier for applicants to get sponsored employment.

  • arif

    my name is mr arif im a dintal protisian diplom i like to have a job and continue my education in australia .i need a sponsor plaese sponsor me im very poor i have not any sponsor thiere

  • emma jumawan

    my name is emma jumawan married frm phil. I want tp work in other country to finish my 3 kids in thier couse am alone earn small income pls. help me to find work their am hard working and honest woman god fearing and trustin

  • Mary Grace

    Hi I am Mary Grace from the Philippines I am a registered nurse here but not practicing it. I currently work in a drugstore as a Pharmacy Assistant for almost five years. I really want a sponsored job in Australia. I tried to apply for a TRV but the cost is too much I cant afford it. Can you help me? thanks.

  • Dan

    I’m a telecom technician looking to get job from a sponsor in Australia I heard they people are hospitable
    Thanks for the info.

  • Pieter

    Hi Pieter here im looking for a list of companies for sponsored jobs and visas please it will be helpfull if any one can forward sites on



  • Geoffrey Simiyu Kisiangani

    Hello, I am Geoffrey S from Kenya with basic degree in Medicine and Surgery and tertiary degree in Population Health from The University of Melbourne (2010) and am looking for a sponsor to execute my public health skills in the community in Australia through health promotion. I am currently in Australia Melbourne for the next three months till end of the year.

  • chandni

    i m chandni here from india working for amity university in marketing area want a sponsership in australia if possi

  • Ravikumar Jada

    Searching for “Electrical Engineer-Power” job

    I am Proffesional in the following
    Eight years of experience in Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Installations and Execution, Testing and Commissioning of Internal Flat Electrical wiring works including Communication points and External Electrification works such as Installation, Testing and Commissioning of HT Switchgears, Transformers, DG Sets, Main PCC Panels, Laying of HT and LT Cables on GI Trays and Under Ground etc. in a large Construction Projects of High Raised Buildings / Commercial Buildings.

    Looking for sponsor to work in Australia

  • Rakanishu

    There are NO jobs in australia – in the work place australians are racists against other people, in the pubs, clubs, all social places Australians are racists – they isolate other cultures, every other culture is complaining and going back to their country or another country – PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE – DO NOT SPOIL YOUR LIFE _ MINE HAS BEEN SPOILT AND HENCE I AM WARNING YOU.

    • Mark

      Not at all what I have experienced personally or with my non-white work colleagues but thanks for your comments anyway Rakanishu

  • Muhammad Jawed

    Hi I am Muhammad Jawed from Karachi Pakistan. I am graduate and Cert. CII qualified and desperately seeking a potential employer in Australia for sponsorship. I have vast experience in general insurance industry in the areas of Motor Underwriting, Reinsurance, Claims Handling and Secretarial.

  • Abolfazl Manuchehri

    HI . I’m Amin Manuchehri 27 years old From Iran -Tehran . i wanna immigrate to Australia by skill visa . i am a mechanic and working at Toyota branch in Tehran and rest the time work out of there . i am do electronic on ECU of Engine – Abd – Air bag – and BIS of pegute 206-207-407 and AT of AL4 .. looking for an sponsor to immigrate there easier . thanks for your time and nice to you if help .

  • Iosefo Logayau

    I am Fijian and have been working in PNG for the last six years. I am now in Fiji and looking for a job and i hope that your company can provide me with a job. I have been working for all my years in finance, administration, communication, and doing custom. I work with many experience people from other parts of world and i am confident to take up any offer if given the oppurtunity


    I am an rail signal electrician in india,working with rail local contractors.I am looking to relocate in australia with sponsorship for me.
    If you know of any jobs or know of any where i can post my resume to them please let me know. i am 45 yrs old having 22yrs experience in the field .



  • hamza

    hi may name is hamza from algeria i am 25 i have license in air conduting hvac university i to get a sponsored-job in Australia

  • Robert Sellers

    I am professional and qualified in the following

    Solid plasterer city& guilds

    HGV licence class 1

    Dump truck driver (currently working in a quarry) Hanson cement Clitheroe Lancashire UK
    extensive experience in all the above references available

    I require sponsorship

    • Stephen Spijkerman

      are you still looking to move abroad. NZ ?

      • kawaljit singh

        Yes i want to move NZ is there any work opportunity for me ??

  • Sanjiv Verma

    I find the above tips very useful and I am also searching for an employer in Australia who can sponsor me in the field of Sales and Marketing jobs.

  • kawaljit singh

    Hi, I am kawaljit singh .I am from India .I am “master in cutting & tailoring profession”.I can cut & stich ladies and gents suits.i can make ladies neck line.I can make gents pants & shirts.i can do hamming & attach buttons& can do altretion of any type.I can make pettern & sample as well. I have 10 years of experience in this academic qualification is post gaduation…in computer application..I have done my laguage test “IELTS” with 6 band score ..I am looking for sponsored job in austrelia I am very loyal & hard working person …I need sponsorship .. Can Any employer sponsor me ????

  • Jolly John

    Dear sir. I am Jolly John.from India.presently working in Sultanate of Oman, I am a Massage Therapist, I have 12 years experience in this field, if any chance please inform email.

  • Gene

    My Name is Gene I am from Papua New Guinea i am interested working a retirement home. I am 25 years old and i l like working with people.

  • kavitha

    my name is kavitha.i am from india.i am trained nurse in india.but i am working as a health care assistant in london hospital.i am living uk since 2006.i am a permanant resident in uk.i need to move to Australia.please do the needful

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