Flies in AustraliaSpringtime in Perth brings with it many great things. Beautiful spring flowers in the park, cleaner homes and warmer weather.

Unfortunately it also brings with it Flies; and lots of them.

Apparently there are millions of flies that hang out in the deserts during the cooler winter months, then as the temperatures begin to increase and the little buggers start to feel a little hot under the collar they fly west towards the coast where it’s cooler.

Unfortunately, the coast is also where 98% of the Western Australia population live, including me.

These little critters aren’t the type that just land on your bread roll whilst eating out at a restaurant either. Flying 100’s of miles from the desert to the coast is obviously thirsty work as most seem to be moisture seekers.

This means they make a beeline for places such as the inside of your ear, your mouth, nostrils, or eyes. This obviously gets a tad annoying after a while.

If they land on your leg or hand they’ll happily just stand there for minutes on end rubbing their front legs together like some manic chef sharpening his calving knives before cutting into a big joint of meat.

Thankfully the flies don’t appear to be the variety that bites but damn, they can be a little distracting at times.

At time of typing I’m still at the casual brushing away stage but sitting on a train, packed with commuters, travelling into the city this morning it looks like some folks are already getting to the end of their tether.

One particular guy looked like he was going to knock himself out at one stage as he repeatedly tried to get a fly which kept on landing on his forehead.

I hate to admit it but it was kind of entertaining; a little like having a life sized Homer Simpson sharing the train carriage with you, entertaining his fellow passengers by continuously slapping his bald head in an attempt to get the fly!

All he needed to do was shout Doh! at appropriate intervals and he’d be spot on!

Thankfully the number of flies peeks during the spring months. Come summer time the volumes decrease dramatically.

Even when we arrived in Perth last November I don’t recall being bothered to badly by flies so hopefully fly volumes will decrease in the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Now…..where’s my  Jungle Juice ?