Gardening In Australia – Two Years On

So I thought I’d write a quick update today for those readers with fingers of the green variety.

Just over two years ago I wrote an entry titled gardening in Australia in which I wrote about the challenges of the local soil and the sheer lack of experience I had growing exotic plants such as the Lemon and Orange trees which are readily available at our local garden centre.

Well, 24 months after writing this entry, I’m pleased to say that I’ve taken to gardening in Australia pretty well and to say that the Australia weather suits plant life out here would be somewhat of an understatement.

To give you a better idea, below is the picture which accompanied my gardening post just over two years ago. It shows one of the first borders that I planted out in the sandy soil that is very typical here on the Western coast of Australia! (Click images again for larger versions of these pictures.

And here is a picture of the same flower bed some two years later:

Quite a big difference huh? To Say the rate of growth during the first couple of years has been amazing is an understatement! We’re just waiting for our first lemons from our lemon tree now. Maybe next year! :)

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  1. […] I’ll obviously keep you guys posted on how the garden grows so keep your eyes open for future blog entries. I Can’t wait for our first lemon! (Edit: Click here to view gardening in Australia two years on) […]

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