Getting Hot! Hot! Hot!

Phew! What a scorcher.

Yesterday saw the hottest day in Perth for nearly two years with the mercury hitting 42.9C . By 5am, the temperature at Champion Lakes near Armadale were already 30.4C – warmer than in Marble Bar, which is Australia’s hottest town and only 20.6C at that time.
At time of typing the temperatures are just shy of 41C so it looks like it’s going to be another hot one today

The hottest ever recorded temperature in Perth was 46.2 °C (115 °F) on 23 February 1991 and I can imagine, back then it must have been pretty unbearable.

In a slightly crazy kind of way, even though it’s nearly three years to the day since I burnt my bum due to this heat, I still really enjoy it. Sure, my view on the subject may be a little different if we didn’t benefit from the technical luxury of air conditioning but still, I enjoy the heat.

I was sat around the pool yesterday afternoon and the temperature was just a notch over 40C at around 5pm. I had my factor 30 sun block on, a large Aussie style hat (minus the corks) and an icy cold beer. In my hand I held a copy the ‘International Express’ bearing the headline “Battling Brittons Beat the Big Freeze”.

I certainly know where I’d rather be and for those looking to make the move down under from the UK who are struggling with the ongoing delays, please be rest assured that the wait really is worth it!

  1. pat 7 years ago

    Dear Mark

    My name is pat conlon, i started reading your blogs about your adventure down under and it made me reminest about our experience of down under. we first went to oz in 1996 to melbourne but lasted 6 weeks because of a number of reasons one being it was just a big city with changeable weather ( it was July ).

    WE came back to Newry ( Ireland ) and settled back to our old routine and although we missed Australia because it was our dream to leave ireland behind and live the dream ( even though we didnt give it a far chance )put it away to the back of our minds and just got on with it.

    That was until we realised in 1999 that if we were going to ever give Australia another go we had until june 2000 to go as our permanent visa’s would then become invalid. So off we went again this time with the first addition to our family our one year old Shea. We went again to melbourne but to the coastal town of geelong, you are probably wondering why melbourne again so to caught a very long story short we new a friend of a friend of a friend that in the end wasnt so friendly so melbourne was all we had researched.

    After a few weeks in geelong we headed to perth and rented a unit in scarborough, perth was brilliant and we were donig all the new immigrant chores like getting tax numbers , driving licenses, phone connections you get my drift. Tracey my wife was first to find work, she is a pharmacist, and found a placement down by the huge hotel that name escapes my memory and everything was going according to plan until i took a panic attack and got cold feet, started thinking about how many times i would see my parents again and all that i now realise were just natural anxcieties that come with immigrating, so again we returned to ireland with me realising when i saw londons big wheel that we had made a terrible mistake.

    Fast forward nearly 10 years two extra daughters thrown in and we find ourselves as determined as ever to have another go, now mainly to give our children a better life, but i came across your earlier blogs on when you first arrived and all the places that you mentioned i recognised and can remember so well, hillarys harbour, the show houses, that in 2000 were in and around £200stg but are now £1m+, sorrento and cottlesoe and carlton cold.

    We have to apply all over again but i have researched it a bit and found to my delight that it does nt matter that we were granted visas before and this will not affect our application, so here we go again, this time though we have thoroughly thought this through and have learnt from previous mistakes. One thing has never left us even though we were silly buggers for given up so easily is that we have always dreamt of living in australia one day.

    I just thought i would drop you a line to share a small bit of our experience and maybe one day you never know we could be neighbours ( sorry about the pun )

    Pat conlon

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 7 years ago

      Wow Pat. What a great story and thanks for sharing it :)

      Looks like you have finally, finally…. FINALLY made the right choice so well done. I hope your move down under is a smooth one.

      Please keep in touch


      Mark :D

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