Ok, so it’s not quite like a book review but I thought I should write down a few first impressions following the birth of our beautiful, gorgeous, gushingly perfect daughter yesterday 🙂

Two words :- Dogs bollocks!

Ok, that may not mean to much to our Amercian visitors but let me just say this, the quality of the care and facilities we have found in Australia compared to those experienced in the United Kingdom has been fantastic!

Sure, the Joondalup Health Campus is still a pretty new hospital but the people who work there have been fantastic.

Ironically, I’d say there were more English people working at the hospital in Joondalup then there was in Halifax in the Uk which is the hospital where Junior number one was born.

Speaking to a few of the midwives, they were drawn to Australia after attending a number of seminars and similar sessions held in the UK.

Sessions which I assume were held with the sole purpose of poaching all of our very well, and expensively trained paediatrics staff . Clever people these Aussies! 🙂

I’m not sure if it’s a result of the more laid back lifestyle or simply down to the fact that the hospital is adequately staffed but the quality of the care has been great!

None of the staff have been in a rush to see to their next patient.

Each of the midwives has taken the time to ensure that every single need of junior number 2 and the missus was taken care of.

The food has been good, the quality of the rooms has been excellent and generally we’ve been very happy with the service (although we haven’t seen the bill yet)….

Our little girl was born at 8:17 am yesterday. Since this time baby and mum have received the absolute best care available

If you are reading this and are wannabe or soon to be new parents living down under then all I can say is don’t worry.

You will be very well looked after!