Hillarys boat harbour, the Mcnaught comet fireworks and lightening Australia day 2007

Now, for those of you who visit GDU regularly, you’ll remember the sense of wonder and awe that I managed to capture in my Australia day fireworks photo’s.

OK, perhaps blurry, out of focus snaps might be a better description but you still got the idea. 😉

This morning, an email hit my inbox with the picture attached and I’ve gotta say, the guy who took this photograph did a slightly better job of capturing an Australia Day scene then I did.

As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post; apart from the main Skyworks display on the Perth foreshore that I took snaps of, there were also a number of smaller displays at Freemantle, Hillarys boat harbour and Mindarie.

If you click on the thumbnail to have a look at a larger version of the image (opens in new window), what you’ll see is a picture taken during the fireworks display at Hillarys boat harbour.

The panoramic picture shows people just to the North of Hillarys boat harbour enjoying the display from the beach. You’ll also see the fireworks themselves to the right of the photo, the Mcnaught comet floating through the sky in the centre and just to the right the lightening storm that hit Perth on that very warm and muggy night.

The photograph was taken by a 17 year old Finnish guy by the name of Antti Kemppainen. Many punters have been claiming that the photo is a fake, suggesting that multiple images were taken and then sliced together to create the picture you see here today.

There’s also the view that the photo turned out so well just by sheer luck!

Apparently if your technically savvy enough with your camera, you can lock the shutter on your camera open and then uncover the lens when you want to capture a particular scene.

This can give a long exposure for the comet when the lightning and fireworks were not visible and a shorter exposure to capture the lightning and fireworks and people sitting on the beach.

Sounds a little like to much hard work to me and I’d imagine your reactions would need to be pretty sharp to get such a short exposure using manual means.

With all that said though, I don’t really care. Even if the photo is multiple photos taken at different times and sliced into one big picture, it’s still pretty bloody impressive.