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Britain Vs Australia – Are Brits Better Off Down Under?

By |September 18th, 2013|Living In Australia, Thinking About It|

Australia is the country of choice for many Brits looking to emigrate abroad but does it really make them better off? [...]

Cost Of Living In Australia On The Up

By |August 15th, 2013|Immigration News, Living In Australia, Thinking About It|

We’ve written before about the rising costs in cities across Australia and a recent measure of global cost of living report has confirmed that many of Australia’s capital cities are now some of the most expensive cities around the world! Due to the recent increases in rent and cost of living expenses, Perth and Darwin emerged as the 10th and 11th most expensive cities in the world. Sydney came in as the 12th most expensive city in which to live. The survey looked at living expenses across more than 350 global cities around the world and the results rank Australia among the world’s least affordable countries in which to live. Only cities in the notoriously expensive nations of Norway and Switzerland cost more. […]

Medicare – An Overview Of Australias National Healthcare Service

By |August 6th, 2013|Featured, Living In Australia, Made the move, Thinking About It|

 Depending on your home country’s agreement with Australia, and your visa status, you may be entitled to Australia’s national healthcare [...]

Smoking In Australia

By |August 2nd, 2013|Lifestyle, Living In Australia, Thinking About It|

Generally I think it’s fair to say that looking from the outside, in, Australians are considered a fairly healthy bunch of people.  It’s not all about the toned surfers and gym freaks though. There’s still an unhealthy side to Aussie life. If you’re a smoker considering a move to Australia then you might be interested to know that Australia is actually one of the most expensive homes of cigarette smokers in the world, an accolade unlikely to change after a further increase in tobacco duty was announced this week. The size of the hike? A hefty 12.5 % which comes into effect on the 31st December this year.  Not only that, further increases will occur on 1 September 2014, 1 September 2015, and 1 September 2016. The tax hike is in addition to increases that would have occurred through indexation. […]

Perth Most Expensive City In Australia

By |July 12th, 2013|Living In Australia, Perth|

We’ve already written about Perths high rental prices. Now the Western Australia capital is is the spotlight again with Perth now ranking as Australia’s most expensive city and the eleventh priciest to live worldwide. Numbeo, a website that claims to collate the world’s largest database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, now rates the West Australian capital more expensive than Darwin, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne for consumer goods, including groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities. Not only that, but the list also christens Perth as the second most expensive city in the southern hemisphere behind Luanda in Angola, with the rest of the top ten taken up by cities in Switzerland and Norway – with Stavanger classed as the most expensive place to live in the world. Australian Property Monitors’ senior economist Andrew Wilson said the data about Perth is not surprising, given the city’s rising rental market saying: […]

There’s Nothing Like Australia – Australian Tourism Ad Released

By |August 16th, 2012|Lifestyle, Living In Australia, Videos|

So it’s be a little while since we’ve covered the Australian Tourism Offices attempts to temp people down under. With this in mind I thought their latest campaign may be worth a bit of a share. Many of the iconic Aussie landmarks make the vidoe although to be fair I’d say the the baby kangaroo on the beach was probably added with a little artistic license. Anyway, for many of you I’d hope the video represents an nice overview of the country you will someday call home so it’s certainly worth a share in my book. […]