Australian Migration Agents Mara LogoAustralian Migration Agents and whether or not to utilise one as part of your migration process is a question that will be at the forefront of many people’s minds when they decide that they want to make a better life for themselves down under.

Where the hell do you start is often the very first question though and having a migration agent guide you through the complexities of moving to Australia might be seen as a must have for some.

Although when we made our own move down under we organised everything ourselves, for some the Australian Migration agent path may be a preferred option.

What is important though is that if you go down this path then you are strongly advised to use a Migration Agent that is registered.

Outside of Australia not all agents are registered. If they are not registered they are not accountable. Some call themselves Migration consultants or similar!

Back in October I wrote about a paper I’d read which detailed some of the antics of some of the more dodgy migration agents out there. It’s fair to say that you need to be careful when choosing your agent as choosing a bad one will waste both your time and your money!

So, if you’re looking for a Migration Agent how do you find an agent who’s officially recognised and registered?

Let me introduce you to the Migration Agents Registration Authority Website.

From the site:

The Register of Migration Agents provides a comprehensive list of individuals who are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority to provide immigration assistance.

In Australia, only those registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (and listed on the Register of Migration Agents) can provide immigration assistance, except where an exemption is provided for by the Migration Act 1958 and or the Migration Agents Regulations 1998.

A company or business cannot be registered, only an individual can.

The Register of Migration Agents is a public record of all registered migration agents under the scheme. The online version is provided for your convenience.

I’ve had a good dig around the site and to be honest it’s pretty good.

It provides the option to Search the Register for registered agents using various criteria such as their name, company name, registration number etc.

You can also search for agents by country.

Another pretty nifty feature is you can search for those Migration agents whose registration has recently lapsed.

The site also displays the dodgy agents who have been sanctioned or crossed off the list.

All in all this is a very valuable resource and should be one of your first ports of call if the Migration agent route is the right route for you.