Migration Institute of Australia – Politicians must focus on Skilled Migration

Migration Institute of Australia - Politicians must focus on Skilled MigrationThe Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has called for politicians to focus on skilled migration issues during the election, rather than a “short-sighted” debate on asylum seekers.

The MIA has said that Australia’s migration program remains unbalanced, mismanaged and confusing for current and potential migrants, sponsors and for the general public.

The true migration issues that need to be dealt with are skills shortages and Australia’s reputation, but the Government and the Opposition are locked in an “absurd and short-sighted” contest about boat asylum seekers and who can have the smallest migration program, MIA CEO Maurene Horder said.

“The real issues facing Australian migration concern the skills and people we need for growth and prosperity, especially as our humanitarian intake represents a tiny fraction of the overall Migration Program,” Horder said.

In a press release statement released yesterday, the MIA said hundreds of thousands people in the immigration process or who want to emigrate to Australia have been negatively affected by the changes to Australian skilled migration program over the past six months, only to face an election campaign that threatens further cuts and besmirches the positive social and economic roles they play in communities across Australia.

Via: Visa Bureau

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  1. Matt 6 years ago

    Yes we certainly do need lots of migrants to this country. Our birth rate is so low, we have to keep bringing people in to help us compete internationally.

    And of course skilled migrants are a great asset in this regard. Obviously, they help the economy more if they already have skills. And there is little or no resentment of them since they are contributing to the economy soon after they arrive.

    But if they have no skills, and immediately go on welfare (and for long periods) that’s when Australians don’t like it. They feel that they are being taken for a ride.

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