Migration Places To Be Cut – Did I Say That?

Scott Morrison Backtracks after he suggested that migration numbers would be cut

It’s not a rare occurrence when a politician needs to backtrack and opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison appears to be doing just that.

Following our article yesterday where we highlighted a potential risk of migration places being cut If the coalition got into power, in today’s news, Morrison says his comments about cutting the country’s migrant intake to curb population growth do not reflect official Coalition policy!

His comments come amid reports that some of his colleagues are angry that his earlier call to reduce migration was made before any discussion with the party room.

Yesterday there were also confusing signals from the Coalition about where it would want to see cuts made.

Business Council of Australia spokesman Graham Bradley has told Radio National the skilled migration program should not be cut.

“Australia needs a growing population to develop our economy and to of course offset the issues that will arise as outlined in the intergenerational report about an ageing population,” he said. “We need a vibrant immigration policy.”

The Lowy Institute survey found that while 72 per cent of Australians support population growth, 69 per cent want to see it reach only 30 million by 2050.

Newly appointed Population Minister Tony Burke says he will be developing a policy that ensures the predicted rise in population is sustainable.

“Obviously it will be a larger population but one which is balanced against the future infrastructure constraints of the country,” he said.

The Government says it has not set a population target.

I think the long and short of it is, take yesterdays post with a pinch of salt! :)


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