The New South Wales state government has released an updated version of its State Migration Plan (SMP) including new occupations eligible for state sponsorship.

The list of occupations that the NSW Government will sponsor for a skilled migrant Australia visa has grown, outlined in the latest version of its State Migration Plan recently released. (Click HERE for the latest list)

New occupations now eligible for NSW sponsorship for Australian immigration include early childhood (pre-primary school) teachers, painting trades workers, construction project manager and university lecturer in nursing.

Australian Visa Bureau spokesperson Leonie Cotton said the addition of these occupations is significant as “in the past the NSW Government has largely focused on pharmaceutical, finance and IT professionals with certain specialisations”.

The updated list also contains a number of IT roles including chief information officer and systems administrator and financial roles including financial investment advisor.

NSW also offers migration sponsorship under the skilled regional (475) program which targets skills shortages in regional and rural areas. The updated list reveals that metallurgists and special class electricians are required in regional NSW. The government is currently inviting applications to settle in the state’s Northern Inland, Riverina, Orana and Murray regions.

Thanks to the folks at the Visa Bureau who helped contribute towards this article.