Will Your Occupation Be Removed From The Australian SOL

flagged jobs on the SOL

As part of the annual SOL review, there are a number of occupations which are ‘flagged’ for possible removal in the future.

Generally, occupations are flagged when there is emerging evidence of excess supply in the labour market. For the 2016–17 SOL, 51 occupations have been flagged.

Although being flagged down not guarantee that the role will be removed, we’d suggest that people looking to emigrate to Australia under one of the occupations below take this as an early ‘heads up’ that your choices may be limited when the 2017-2018 SOL is announced early next year.

Flagged Occupations for potential removal on the SOL for 2016 –17

ANZSCO CodeOccupation
133513Production Manager (Mining)
221111Accountant (General)
221112Management Accountant
221113Taxation Accountant
224511Land Economist
231212Ship’s Engineer
231213Ship’s Master
231214Ship’s Officer
232214Other Spatial Scientist
233111Chemical Engineer
233211Civil Engineer
233212Geotechnical Engineer
233213Quantity Surveyor
233214Structural Engineer
233215Transport Engineer
233411Electronics Engineer
233511Industrial Engineer
233512Mechanical Engineer
233513Production or Plant Engineer
233911Aeronautical Engineer
233912Agricultural Engineer
233913Biomedical Engineer
233914Engineering Technologist
233915Environmental Engineer
233916Naval Architect
234611Medical Laboratory Scientist
251211Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
251212Medical Radiation Therapist
252411Occupational Therapist
252712Speech Pathologist
253111General Practitioner
253317Intensive Care Specialist
253913Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
253999Medical Practitioners nec
272399Psychologists nec
399111Boat Builder and Repairer

* Indicates that the occupation excludes positions in fast food or takeaway food service.

  1. Imran 16 hours ago

    Hi Mark
    Do you think that Electronic engineering will be removed this year?

    • Author
      Mark 13 hours ago

      Hi Imran, it’s really difficult to say as I have as much insight at this time as everyone else does.

      What I would say however is, if you want to move to Australia and you would pass the qualification criteria now, then apply now.

      The Australian migration department changes their selection criteria frequently so it’s always best to apply now, wait later, instead of holding off from applying at all.



  2. Upesh Patel 1 week ago

    Myself Upesh Patel. Having 7+ experience. I have done my diploma in mechanical after my 10th grade. So, number of year study is 13 year. After so many search I came to conclusion that I’m eligible to apply through mechanical technician and my job duties match with that. I have planned to apply in Skill sponsorship visa. Right now mechanical technician is not open in any state. Is there any chance to get it reopen in future? Expectedly, when it will open?

  3. Hassan Raza Syed 2 weeks ago

    Dear Mark,

    I have applied for Visa 189 with having points 65 on 17th December 2016 with visa Class 233513 – Plant & Production Engineer, I some questions making me confused,

    1) The cut of date is now 10th November 2016, and occupation is about to reach the ceiling, So will I get invited in the start of new year?
    2) If the occupation gets removed Will I still be able to get the Invite as I have applied in 2016.

  4. Vibhor 3 weeks ago

    Hey … how you doing? I have just updated my Eoi … and m having 70 points for 189 visa and 70+5 points for 190 visa, and have applied in the category of accountant general for 189 visa and similar for 190 visa , and also in the category of management account… so I want to know what are my chances?

  5. Jahan 2 months ago

    Hi Mark ,

    I’m currently studying Building and Construction Management at university of Canberra and expecting to graduate in mid 2018 . I am majoring in Quantity Surveying and wish to apply for pr.
    QS is flagged at the moment . Do you think it will get removed in near future ?


    • Author
      Mark 2 months ago

      Only those who have the ability to forecast the future would be able to answer your question unfortunately Jahan, with that said. There still appears to be a lot of QS roles being advertised so I would take that as a positive https://www.seek.com.au/jobs?keywords=quality+surveyer

  6. jo 3 months ago

    I am a UK Solicitor in the process of having my qualifications assessed in Australia. Is it likely that Solicitors will be removed from the 17/18 SOL? I note that are only 126 this year with a ceiling of 5000. Is this taken into account?


    • Author
      Mark 2 months ago

      Hi Jo, short answer is we won’t know if the role will be removed until later in the year when the submissions are made to Parliment.

      With regards to the numbers, yes they are most certainly taken into account.

      Best wishes


  7. jeol 5 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    I am Mechanical Engineer and I was wondering if it is going to be remove from the list for the 2017-2018 period.

    • Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hi Joel, it’s only been flagged to be removed at this stage, We probably won’t know for sure until early next year when the new Skilled Occupations List is being prepared.

      All the best


  8. Mujtaba 5 months ago

    Hi Mark.
    I have applied for 189 visa last december (i.e 11 dec 2015) as Mechanical Engineer. I have claimed 60 points and I have provided them with all my documents including medical and PCC. I was just wondering if my name doesn’t come in year 2016-2017 and if they remove mechanical engineering from 2017-2018. Does that mean I ll get rejection automatically? Or is there still a chance?


    • Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Hey mate.

      If you receive an invite and your application is being progressed at the time of removal then you will be fine.

      If you haven’t received an invite at the time of removal from the SOL then your details will remain on skill select for 2 years (from memory) if the role returns back to the SOL then you could still receive an invite.

      All the best


  9. Jovancho 5 months ago

    Hi Mark im dental tehnician from Macedonia how can i apply for working viza and how much manny cost. Thanks

  10. Mostafa Amr 6 months ago

    hi mark ,
    will dentist return in the SOL of 2017 – 2018 ?

    • Author
      Mark 5 months ago

      Depends on Market conditions at the time Mostafa so it’s difficult to say.

  11. teja 6 months ago

    if they remove engineering fields from SOL it may effect their currency which was happened once previously aus so how they will remove these as these are majority of people choose

  12. sushant 7 months ago

    Hi, what about the Electronics Engineer. Will it stay until 2 years in SOL??

    • Author
      Mark 7 months ago

      Its not been flagged at the moment Sushant

  13. Tabassum 7 months ago

    is this a complete list of jobs or more to come?

    • Author
      Mark 7 months ago

      Complete as of the time of typing

  14. Imran 7 months ago

    Hi Mark
    I am chemical engineer and recently done IELTS. How to move about further.

  15. Asad Zia 7 months ago

    I am a veterinary doctor and planning to move to Australia under skilled worker program. Now a days I am busy in IELTS preparation but greatly shocked after came to know that ” VETERINARY ” profession is removed from the list . Now what is your advice for me Sir Mark ?

    • Author
      Mark 7 months ago

      Hi, Asad, it hasn’t been removed yet, and it’s only being ‘considered’ for removal.I would, however, recommend that you look to register your EOI as soon as possible.

      Best wishes


  16. Adnan 7 months ago

    Im looking for imigration advice for australia.

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