Perth Weather – getting hot hot hot!

Perth WeatherOK, perhaps just pleasantly warm then!

Hmmm, sunshine. Probably one of the main attractions for many and one of the reasons why we choose Perth; officially the sunniest city in the world to be our home.

Speaking to some friends in the UK last night it was pretty wet and foggy. Late October is never a good time of year back in the UK but down under in Perth we are starting to venture into Spring and the weather is just starting to warm up.

Today we should be seeing temperatures touching just over 80F for the first time in a couple of months so I’m off out for some lunch now to enjoy the rays for a little while.

Remember, you can have a little look at the current weather in Perth by checking out ‘Shiela’ the weather chick on the bottom right of every page.

Having said that, if your reading this from somewhere else in the world there’s a good chance that it’ll be dark 8) – Bugger!


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