Phil Down Under returns – How to Apply for Phil Down Under

How to Apply for Phil Down Under

Phil Spencer from C4's Phil Down Under

We got contacted this week by IWC Media who are the makers of ‘Location Location
Location’ and ‘Relocation Relocation’.

The production company are looking to identify people who will be emigrating to Australia before the end of 2010 who may be seeking assistance finding a new property abroad.

I wrote an article about Relocation – Phil Down Under back in April as we were quite surprised to find that one of the properties found by Phil for one of the English couples was literally on our street! :)

Anyhow, if you’d like the assistance of Phil and the Channel 4 team in your search for a property down under and will be making the move to Australia before the end of the year then read on for details of how to apply for Phil own Under.

How to Apply for Phil Down Under?

Property guru Phil Spencer from C4’s ‘Location Location Location’ is taking his property finding and negotiating skills along with a large dose of English charm, down under. He’s heading to the other side of the world to help emigrating Brits find their perfect home in Australia.

In each episode, Phil will be helping one British couple navigate their way through the Australian property system. Phil will help find, survey and negotiate the deal on their dream pad. From harbour-side homes in Sydney and Beach pads in Byron Bay to Ranches in the Outback and Retreats in the Rainforest, no property search is too daunting for Phil.

For the return of this exciting series Channel 4 are on the hunt for people who are looking to emigrate to Australia before the end of 2010.

You must be available and able to buy in November/December 2010. You must also have secured approval from the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) without which you can’t buy property in Australia.

If you’ve got your papers and would like the help of a dedicated team who will assist you find the house of your dreams then follow this link and fill in the application form.

  1. Lyn 6 years ago

    Fed up of hearing (Nice house but….(we are over looked ) Aussie;s are not like the British peering through their net curtains at their neighbours….Aussie are too busy going about their own business to be bothered with such nonsense!!! Besides …the worse house in Australia is far more attractive than the Best house in UK !!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay in Britain all you Nosy parkers who just may be whinging Poms.

  2. Al 6 years ago

    Hi Phil….think ur a great guy but seriously, WE DONT NEED MORE POMS HERE IN AUSTRALIA! U poms come here with ur MISPLACED LOYALTIES; you vote for a MONARCHY and because of it we STILL have 6 or 7 laws (seperate laws for each state) for the same thing! How absurd is that!? Take your show to America and ruin their country!

  3. JOHN HANCOCK 6 years ago

    Could Phil Spencer be the same whose own property company went bust?

    • Profile photo of Mark Author
      Mark 6 years ago

      Yep. The same mate although I think the final state of his company was probably more of a result of the very weak housing market during the GFC as opposed to his capabilities as a property guru! :-)

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