New School Fees For Parents On 457 Visas

New School Fees For Parents On 457 Visas

New School Fees For Parents On 457 VisasIf you have children and are considering a move to Western Australia on a 457 Visa then I’m afraid your journey down under looks likely to be a slightly more expensive one.

Following changes flagged in the recent Western Australian budget, from January 2014 a new $4,000 fee per child per year will apply if you choose to send your children to the state’s public schools.

The Western Australia treasurer Troy Buswell said Western Australia had experienced record growth in student numbers over the past two school years, driven by a baby boom in the middle 2000s and high levels of overseas and interstate migration.

The number of dependents of 457 visa holders attending WA government schools has increased from 290 in 2005 to 8,600 in 2013, according to the state government.

It says the measure will raise an estimated $17 million in 2013-14 and a total of $120 million over the four years to 2016-17.

The average cost of education is estimated at $15,621 per student, according to budget papers. It’s estimated the new fees will cover 26 per cent of that cost.

Western Australia is currently the most popular state for migrants who come to Australia on a 457 visa.

The WA move is not a first in Australia, with NSW charging between $4500 and $5500 a year depending on the child’s school year and the ACT charging up to $13,900 for the final year of high school.

  1. ETI AKTER 1 year ago

    I want to go Australia for Study. How much Money to show in My Bank Account. I am from in Bangladesh.

    • Author
      Mark 1 year ago

      The student must have equivalent to one return air fare to the country of Australia. They must also have course fees and approximately $18,610 for the cost of living (rent, food, etc) in order to be considered for a student visa. This may differ depending on where you are living and what school you are attending.

  2. Stef 4 years ago

    Mark this is a proposal and there are many here trying to fight it perhaps you ask people to contact us with regard tp a petition and rally we have planned contact us on

  3. Denni 4 years ago

    Does anyone know if this is definitely coming in?
    Will it be all existing one as well as new arrivals that have to pay $ 4000?

    • Author
      Mark 4 years ago

      Thats the proposal Denni, not sure if it’s going to get through though. There has been a lot of push back for obvious reasons.

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