I thought I would save the last entry in the recent series of Blog entries following our Western Australia Road trip to Shell Beach.

Shell beach, just a few Kilometres south of Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort is an amazing place.

From a distance the beach looks like any other ‘amazingly beautiful’ tropical beach with clean white sands and the glimmer of the warm turquoise green Indian Ocean on the horizon.   A sight pretty typical to the area.

The thing that makes Shell beach different is the fact that it’s not sand that makes the beach so white but shells!

Shell beach gets its name from the Billions of tiny white ‘Coquina Bivalve‘ sea shells also known as Cardiid Cockles which form a snow white stretch of beach approximately 110km long.

An amazing and very unusual occurrence and apparently one of only two such beaches in the world.

The shells are mined under special license nowadays for production of calcium for poultry feed and exotic mulch for gardens and planters (there’s plenty going spare) In the early years of Denham, blocks of the solidified shell deposits were also mined and used as materials in building constructions.

As the images below show. The beach truly is breath taking. I’ve also attached a few images of some of the local signs which help explain a little more about the make-up and history of the area.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.   I’m sure our mini road trip ‘up north’ will be the first of many to come. As always, we’ll post more pictures to wet your appetite (and to keep you going during what can often be a difficult journey down under) as and when we can 🙂