There are plenty of people wondering whether to emigrate to Australia. The lure of a new life with higher living standards and better prospects for your children has always been a big draw for new migrants. But as someone who decided successfully to emigrate to Australia from the UK, what really motivated me was to hear the stories of those who had gone before me. So, this article is the first in a series in which I will be telling how it was for me, why I made the move and what sort of experiences I had along the way.

Unlike what many people say it was less the push of the old country rather than the draw of the new one that made me emigrate to Australia. In other words I found the attractions of Australia more compelling than the reasons to stay behind. Having already spent two long holidays in Australia I was fairly confident of what to expect.

I had been won over by the beautiful climate that enables you to experience a remarkable outdoor lifestyle virtually all year round. As someone who loves golf, I could play all year round, not just in a few brief windows when the weather was right. It was also the realisation that great weather improves the disposition not just of yourself but of the people around you. Perhaps that is part of the reason why Aussies tend to be so welcoming and positive in outlook.

However, even if you are really pleased to be in a new country, the first few months within arrival can be especially testing, with the struggle to find a job, get children settled in school, as well as making all the essential major purchases such as a car and a new home. Moving home within your own country is arguably one of life’s most stressful activities, but when it involves moving the entire family to the other side of the world, it takes on a whole new dimension!

I consider myself fortunate. I had close members of my wife’s family already living in Australia that made our first few months of settling in and getting organised more of an adventurous pleasure than a bitter struggle, but there were still times when I questioned whether I was doing the right thing.

So, potential emigrants should look at the down side as well as the upside of such a major move and realise that there will be challenges along the way. Having said that, once the decision to emigrate to Australia has been made, don’t look back!

Author: George Simpson