month the department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will host a Skills Australia Needs event in London.

Skills Australia Needs events are designed to help address current skill shortages in Australia by promoting skilled migration options.

Australian employers and state and territory governments can participate in the events and meet people with the skills and experience needed to fill job vacancies in Australia which cannot be filled through the local labour market.The event, held across three days from 25-27 February, will be one of the largest such events to be hosted by the department and is expected to attract an invited audience of around 1,400 skilled workers.

Over the weekend of 25-26 February skilled workers in engineering and trades will be given the chance to hear from the department about skilled visa options for Australia and to discuss employment and sponsorship opportunities with 28 engineering and trades exhibitors.

The weekend will be followed by an information evening on February 27, featuring 17 exhibitors seeking medical and other healthcare professionals whose skills are also in high demand in Australia.

The level of interest has been so high that an additional information evening on February 28 is currently being considered.

Are you going to the event? If so let us know what your expectations are by hitting us up in the comments below.