snow in perth australiaIt’s been a while since I’ve complained about the weather and as I’m an Englishman wishing to retain at least a small portion of my Englishness I thought today was as good a day as any.

Back in the UK, the English summer is in full swing. From what I’ve heard from the friends and family back in the UK; it’s been a pretty good one to with UK residents receiving more than two whole days of sunshine! 😉

Season wise Australia is exactly six months in front of the UK so here in Australia, Winter is in full swing.

This will be the third winter we’ve experienced since being down under and I don’t know if it’s simply because we’re becoming acclimatised to the weather (or I may be just going soft) but this feels like some of the coldest winter weather I’ve experienced since moving to Australia.

We’ve had some very heavy rain today and whilst I was out and about in the Perth CBD this lunchtime the rain turned into hail. Now hail is just hail but to Aussies, it’s like some strange mythical beast has just come down from the sky.

Much delight seemed to be being had as snow balls (or more accurately) hail balls were made and thrown.

Not something I ever imagined seeing down under I must say, it’s not quite snow but near enough I reckon. I even had to capture a picture for prosperity.

Something to consider when it’s about 100 degree’s in the shade in approximately three months time 🙂

Brrrrrrrr, where’s the central heating when you need it