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Struggling Economies Abroad Encouraging More To Look Down Under

By |February 27th, 2012|Immigration News, Jobs in Australia|

The narrowing job markets and struggling economies in the UK and Ireland have seen thousands of Britons and Irish people apply for an Australia visa and take advantage of staff shortages Down Under. Australian recruiters have reported an influx of workers from the UK and Ireland, with a more than 50% rise in the number of Australia visa applications from people looking to work. Australian immigration authorities confirmed the rise, citing the 3,560 Irish citizens entering Australia on a 457 visa since July 2011, almost topping the entire previous financial year. […]

Changes To Australian Working Holiday Visa Would Boost Economy

By |February 17th, 2012|Immigration News, Working Holiday Visa|

The Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) has claimed that relaxing application and extension restrictions on the Working Holiday Visa would provide an extra AU$700 million (£476 million) to the Australian economy. Currently, the Australian Working Holiday Visa (WHV) programme allows holders to extend their visa for a second year if they complete 88 days in a regional industry such as agriculture, mining and construction. However, ATEC Managing Director Felicia Mariani claims that of the 162,000 WHVs granted on average each year, just 22,000 choose to travel to regional areas to secure work in one of the eligible industries. […]

Student Visa Applications Continue to Fall

By |February 19th, 2011|Immigration News, Student Visa|

Data released yesterday by the Australia Department of Immigration shows that the number of international students choosing to come to Australia continues to fall. Australia Visa applications from potential students outside Australia fell 32 per cent in the final six months of last year compared with those of the same period in 2009, which in turn had fallen 22 per cent compared with the same period in 2008. The global financial crisis, the rising value of the Australian dollar, changes to migration rules and Australia visa processes have been a contributing factor to the decline. […]

Australian skilled migrants are highly paid professionals

By |February 22nd, 2010|Visas|

Almost 90 per cent of temporary skilled migrants who were granted Subclass 457 visas in 2009-10 to date are managers and professional workers, new figures show. The average total salary package for all new Australian temporary skilled migrant workers is almost $100,000 – an increase of $10,000 on the same time last year. The highest paid workers on a Subclass 457 Australia visa were in the mining industry, with an average total remuneration of $169,000, followed by the financial and insurance services sector at $127,600. Temporary skilled overseas workers in Western Australia were the highest paid with an average total remuneration of $114 800, followed by New South Wales ($101,100), Queensland ($97,900), Victoria ($94,200), Tasmania ($94,100), Northern Territory ($85,500), ACT ($83,600) and South Australia ($81,700). […]

Work Travel Australia – Working Holiday Visa

By |January 22nd, 2010|Visas|

Desperate to travel to the Land Down Under and be allowed to work while you're there? You can, with the Working Holiday visa. The good news is that you can easily get your own. The bad news? You'll need to know many things about your work travel Australia visa before securing it, from how much it costs to who it's for. This article covers the basics of work travel Australia visa.

Skilled Migration Australia Visa – The Facts

By |January 20th, 2010|Visas|

One of the most critical questions for all potential migrants is to decide what class of visa to apply for. The skilled migration Australia visa is one of the most popular, but is it right for most people? Let's take a look at some of the different types of visa available.

Australian ETA – Your Key to the Land Down Under

By |January 17th, 2010|Visas|

An Australian holiday would not even start unless an individual has secured an Australian visa. If they have not yet gotten an Australian visa, it is best to process it first before planning their fabulous Australia holiday. There are varying requirements for different types of visa and it would be better to analyze which type of visa is needed for a trip to Australia.

Amendments to Australian Student Visa announced

By |April 28th, 2008|Featured, Student Visa, Visas|

From time to time the Australian Department of Immigration make amendments and Legislation Changes which make obtaining an Australia Visa easier or indeed a litttle harder. On the 26th of April a number of minor changes were announced. Most of these are not particularly relevant to most of our readers, however a  changes to the Student Visa class are worthy of a mention. The regulations are amended to: Include work rights on all initial student visa grants thus removing the need for student visa holders to make a separate application for permission to work. Prevent students and their family members from undertaking work until the student has commenced their course of study or training by amending student visa work conditions. Define the term ‘week’ as it applies to student visa work conditions. […]

ASPC Changes Method of Receipting and Acknowledging Applications

By |June 17th, 2007|Visas|

The ASPC has changed the method of receipting and acknowledging applications to improve the service provided to clients which will [...]

Current Australian Immigration processing lead time as of April 2007

By |April 2nd, 2007|Visas|

Firstly, because of the number of questions normally raised in response to these updates I have turned comments off. Please [...]