Redback Spiders catch and eat snakes – Really?

By | February 9th, 2009|Blog, Pictures, Wildlife|

I was having a little bit of banter with an Australian work colleague of mine the other day. Having found another Redback spider in the back garden a couple of weeks ago I’ve found myself becoming a little laid back with the frequency of these near-death encounters Poking the red back with a stick, I found the thing quite unaggressive, a life saving move for this little Arthropod as I decided to move it out of harms way instead of introducing the thing to a couple of litres of Spider spray! “You should have just squashed it” quaffed my Aussie work colleague “Redbacks have been known to eat snakes and other stuff you know?  You’d best watch out for the cat! Two days later she sends me an email titled  “The Red Back spider of Australia” with the below text and attachments: […]