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Overseas Skills Registry Connecting Overseas Skilled Workers With Victorian Employers

By |March 25th, 2014|Immigration News, State Sponsored, Victoria|

The Overseas Skills Registry is a new online service making it easier for overseas skilled workers who have skills in [...]

Jobs in Australia

By |June 22nd, 2009|Doing it, Jobs in Australia, Made the move, Thinking About It|

Jobs in Australia still exist in their thousands and despite some of the more sombre news printed in the media of late, finding a job in Australia shouldn’t be too hard a task once you get here. One of the questions were frequently asked is ‘are there many opportunities doing job type ‘x’ ‘? Or ‘where can I find jobs in Australia doing job type ‘y’?’ Finding the answers to these questions isn’t as hard as you’d think as there are plenty of resources available to you if you know the right places to look. Below we list details of some of the more common online Australian Job banks. Each of these sites lists thousands of jobs in Australia with most presenting themselves as a great tool to help you highlight the availability of certain jobs and the current salaries on offer. […]