Immigration Needed To Keep Australia Competitive

By |July 22nd, 2010|Immigration News|

A little while ago I wrote about the slightly worrying view from the new Australia PM Julia Gillard. A view which could highlight further potential cuts to Australian Immigration should she remain in power. Reading the front page of ‘The Australian’ newspaper today however it would seem that the news for wannabe migrants could perhaps be a little more positive! Two key government advisers and the nation’s leading demographer have warned that the nation’s “big Australia” debate has now entered dangerous territory and pressed the case for higher immigration to keep the economy strong. Peter McDonald, head of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, said yesterday the current political discourse linking high immigration rates to inflated house prices and congestion in the big cities risked a damaging reversion to Hansonism. […]

New Australia PM Flags Further Cuts To Immigration Quotas

By |June 27th, 2010|Immigration News, Visas|

Even more things for wannabe Aussie migrants to worry about as news reports today hint that Australias New Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be breaking from her predecessor’s advocacy of a “Big Australia” flagging further cuts to immigration quotas. In an interview with the Australian version of the Daily Telegraph News paper, Gillard said: “Australia shouldn’t hurtle down the track towards a big population… We need to stop, take a breath and develop policies for a sustainable Australia.” […]