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Is anybody out there?

By |May 25th, 2009|Blog|

Can you hear that……? Yup that’s the silence associated with the Australian Immigration Authority doing…..stuff! It seems very quiet at the moment. My checks of all the usual sources of immigration news seems to be bringing with it very little in the way of updates. Personally, there’s nothing fascinating to update you guys with either other than the fact that we are now into late Autumn and we had to put the heating on for the first time this morning. Actually.. that is kind of interesting in a sad kind of way :-) Living in Australia there is no need for good old ‘central heating’. In the UK our central heating system had a handy ‘boost’ feature you could use when you needed to take the chill off! You’d get home from work to a cold house, press the boost button and then wait 30 minutes for the water to heat up and circulate around the radiators scattered around your house, most of which only heated at 50% capacity because of the air which needed to be bled from the system in order for them to work properly. […]

South Australia and Victoria are having a bit of a heatwave

By |January 31st, 2009|Blog, Weather|

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I wrote about the recent hot weather we were experiencing here in Perth. We were hitting temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius and I have to say it was pretty warm. We were grateful for the air-con that’s for sure. Now pop a few thousand miles South East of here to good old South Australia and Victoria and the guys over there are having a seriously hard time of it. Adelaide has had a 15 day string of temperatures in excess of 35 degrees C which is a one in 3000 year event apparently. Meanwhile, In Victoria, bush fires have destroyed at least 10 homes with nearly 500,000 people in the state losing power (and the all important air conditioning) following severe pressure on the electricity grid. […]

Perth Ferris Wheel takes locals for a Spin

By |January 6th, 2009|Blog|

In an effort to enjoy some fresh air whilst trying to remain cool in the 33 degrees heat, I decided to walk down to the Swan River this lunchtime to enjoy a sandwich. One of the great things about working in a CBD the size of Perth’s is that the river is less than a 10 minutes walk from most office buildings and the cool breeze provided by the fremantle doctor was especially welcoming today. My normally uneventful trip from our offices down to the foreshore was made a little less so when I caught site of a 60-metre high Ferris wheel that has been erected right next to the Bell Tower. It must have been put up pretty quickly to as there was nothing there but grass less than a couple of weeks ago. I’d heard about the wheel on the radio a few weeks ago. Apparently it was 10 meters shorter than expected and I was surprised by the laid back attitude of the counsellor being interviewed. It was only 10 meters shorter than expected after all. Back at the office I thought I’d utilise my time doing a little ‘Googling’ and have since found out a few additioanl facts about the wheel. The “Wheel of Perth” consists of 42 gondolas which take paying passengers around once every 12 minutes. […]

Getting a little bit warm and dealing with a hot cat

By |December 31st, 2008|Blog, Pets, Weather|

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Cat Update – Charlie and Jeff take on Australia

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Steamy nights and a trip down to Rockingham

By |March 6th, 2007|Lifestyle, Weather, Wildlife|

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