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More choice in English language testing

By |June 3rd, 2014|IELTS & TOEFL Tests, Immigration News|

Applicants for a number of visas are being given more choice in English language testing. From November this year, people [...]

IELTS Stronghold on English Exams May Be Under Threat

By |June 18th, 2010|Immigration News|

Quite an interesting read for those of you who need to take the well know IELTS exam as part of your Australian Immigration application process. According to an article posted on the Guardians website, the Australian government is seriously considering rival exams such as the ‘Toefl’ examination as an alternative to IELTS. The news came to light following a quote from an immigration and citizenship department spokesman which said that the minister in charge, Chris Evans, had written to ETS, the US company that produces Toefl, and other test providers to tell them of “his in-principal support for the acceptance of more than one English language test under the migration regulations”. […]