Time to rent for another 6 months?

I really can’t believe that we have now been renting our current home in Kinross for the past 6 months.

It’s time to make a call on whether or not we renew the lease and it’s looking likely that we’ll be going for it.

The house isn’t perfect; there is only air con in the main family room area meaning in the summertime it gets red hot in the bedrooms.

It’s on a pretty busy main road and you can often here evidence of hoonage in the early hours of the morning in the surrounding suburbs.

It’s not ours which means we can’t decorate it, stick pictures on the walls, basically do things to the house to make it more ‘homly’.

Having said that, it has a safe, enclosed back yard the size of a five-a-side footie pitch which is great for junior!

Its nice and big, the family room is huge and we have plenty of spare bedrooms if we have anyone to stay.

We also have the small matter of a pending birth. If I was to suggest to the missus that we look for another house 8 (ish) weeks before junior number 2 arrives I think it would be more than my life’s worth :)

So, were going to renew the lease for another 6 months. The chap from Moneycorp keeps on calling me to see if I’m ready to transfer our cash from the UK to Aus. Even though the rates are pretty poor (read terrible) at the moment, I think it will be time to bite the bullet and get the cash transferred over so we are in a position to buy should we find a nice

All we have to do then is find a nice suburb, find a nice house, get a mortgage and buy all before Christmas.

I mean, how difficult can that be? ;)

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