Apply For Wanted Down Under

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Wanted Down Under, the TV show from the BBC is airing again and as usually happen, I get quite a few [...]

BBC Wanted Down Under Series 8 Application Form

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Wanted Down under, the BBC’s insight into people looking to migrate from the UK to Australia is going from strength to strength with the folks at the Beeb now looking for contributors for Series 8 of the popular down under show. We were contacted by the BBC today with details on how to apply for series 8 of Wanted down under and by the looks of things, the process appears a little more formalised than previous years with an application form being required to support your application for the show. I’ve taken a look at the application form and the Beeb are looking for quite a bit of personal information such as salary details, motivation, details of who came up with the idea to move, family photos etc. Their also looking for the more practical information such as whether or not you have already applied for your Australian Visa or if you have a job already on the skills in demand list. As the BBC put it. […]

How to Apply for Series 7 of the BBC’s Wanted Down Under

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Wanted Down Under continues to be spiking a lot of interest and an effort to help answer some of the recent comments from GDU visitors looking to apply for future shows, I thought I’d include instructions to help those looking to apply. We can confirm that the BBC are looking for contributors for Series 7 of Wanted Down Under; People who are seriously considering making a move to Australia or New Zealand in the near future and are looking for help with making that decision. Here’s what the Beeb say you have to do if you want to apply to appear on Series 7 of Wanted Down Under […]

Wanted Down Under back on the BBC

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Wanted Down Under is into it’s 6th Series on the BBC and it looks like the popularity of the show isn’t wavering. Wanted Down Under follows the ups and downs of families as they make one of the biggest decisions of their lives – whether to start a new life on the other side of the world in Australia. The idea for Wanted Down Under came from a BBC producer who lived in New Zealand for a while and considered making a permanent move but she spent ages trying to work out if it was the right thing to do. […]

Wanted Down Under Series 5 – How to Apply for Series 5 of Wanted Down Under

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Wanted Down under Series 4 and Wanted Down Under revisited have finally come to an end and like many other episodes of Wanted Down Under its caused a bit of a stir with our visitors. As Getting Down Under sounds similar to the title of the popular BBC show I’ve found that many of our visitors get ‘website blindness’ resulting in emails being sent to Getting Down Under HQ asking how they can appear on the next series of the BBC’s Wanted Down under program. In an effort to try and reduce the number of enquiries we receive in relation to this show, we contacted the BBC to check if Series 5 of Wanted Down Under was on the cards and at time of typing I’m please to say that it is. […]

Wanted Down Under Series 4 back on the BBC

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Wanted Down Under makes a return to the BBC with Series 4 Being aired this Monday at 10am on BBC 1. I think this is the first time that Wanted Down Under has made it’s way onto BBC 1 with the last few series being relegated to obscure times of the day on BBC 2. For those looking to Migrate to Australia, wanted down under has proved to be a very popular series to watch and I’d really love to hear your views of the latest Wanted Down Under series  if you’ve seen one of the programs which has gone to air so far? […]

A Place in the Sun Down Under visits Perth

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Just a quick heads up that Channel 4's  A place in the Sun Down Under will be visiting Sunny Perth [...]

Wanted Down Under Makes a Return to the BBC

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Wanted down under has been an extremely successful format for the BBC with Series 3 of Wanted down Under being [...]

Fantasy Homes Down Under – UKTV Style looking for participants

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Fantasy Homes Down Under is a new series coming soon to UKTV and we’ve been contacted by Sarah, a member of the Fantasy Homes down under team, who are looking for people to take part in their new 5 part TV Series planned for 2009. “We are looking for British expats who are living in Australia and looking to buy a property. They could be buying their first house in Australia, or just looking to move. We are looking for willing participants who would like the Fantasy Homes team to assist in finding them their dream home and filming the journey for Fantasy Homes (currently in its third series and the highest rating show on UKTV Style).” Says Sarah It looks like the down under programs are proving  pretty popular with the Fantasy Homes franchise looking to follow in the success of the BBC’s popular Wanted down under TV Series. […]

Wanted Down Under? – How to Apply for Series 4 of wanted down under

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Wanted down under is a term being typed into Google quite a lot at the moment and the search results are directing a large number of wannabe Aussies here at Getting Down Under. Having spoken to my folks back in the UK last night it transpires that the BBC are currently re-showing one of the earlier series of wanted down under and as before it looks like it’s generating quite a bit of interest for those who yearn for a new life here in Australia. I got in contact with the Wanted Down Under production team at the BBC to see if there are any plans for future series and they have confirmed that although the search for contributors for Series 3 has now been completed, they are ‘hopeful’ for a 4th series! As with earlier series, if you are interested in applying for Series 4 of Wanted Down under then you should email the BBC at including some brief information about yourself and your family to help them choose some appropriate participants. The BBC has requested that this information should include: […]