BBC Wanted Down Under - How to apply for series two of wanted down under

I’m really not sure how current this news is (it was passed on by a friend of mine) but it transpires that the BBC are going to be doing a second series of Wanted Down Under very soon and are looking for candidates to join them.

I’m not sure if this second series of Wanted down under will be as popular as the first as this new series looks like it will be concentrating on folks looking to emigrate to New Zealand.

Still, the official line from the BBC is as follows:

The BBC are on the search for families wishing to immigrate to New Zealand for our 2nd series of Wanted Down Under, a program in which we take families to test-ride New Zealand for a week before they decide whether to emigrate.

If you feel you could make interesting contributors for the show, please send us an email stating why, including contact details. Emails should be addressed to Contact details updated : Click Here for the latest contact details for series three

So there you go folks, if you fancied the look of this TV program first time around then get your applications for the second series of the BBC’s Wanted Down Under Program now.

Remember to give Getting Down Under a mention when you call 8)

Also, if you manage to ‘get in’ or shortlisted please let us know 🙂

Good Luck!