BBC Wanted Down Under - How to apply for series three of wanted down underI had an email from Helen Crawley the researcher at the BBC who helped find the ‘contestants’ to appear on The BBC’s Popular Wanted Down Under Program.

She was writing to remind me that the advert I posted a little while back is now out of date (I’d imagine she was getting a little tired of the phone calls and emails so sorry Helen 🙁 )

She has asked me to update the contact details. So if any of you folks are interested in appearing in the Third Series of Wanted Down under then you need to email the BBC at:

Helen was a little none committal though saying the BBC ‘may still need applicants for series 3 should we make one’ so keep this in mind when sending your emails off.

Having said that, with the popularity of the first two series of Wanted Down Under I would be very surprised if they don’t make a third or perhaps even a forth series.

So there you go folks, it’s official and you heard it here first (perhaps 😉 ). If you want to apply for the third series of the BBC’s Wanted down Under program then email the BBC at the address above.