Wanted Down Under makes a return to the BBC with Series 4 Being aired this Monday at 10am on BBC 1.

I think this is the first time that Wanted Down Under has made it’s way onto BBC 1 with the last few series being relegated to obscure times of the day on BBC 2.

For those looking to Migrate to Australia, wanted down under has proved to be a very popular series to watch and I’d really love to hear your views of the latest Wanted Down Under series  if you’ve seen one of the programs which has gone to air so far?

Unfortunately I can’t watch the new series from down under and BBC’s iplayer is also out of bounds for us non-Brits.

Still, I’m already down under so perhaps I shouldn’t moan to much 😉

The fourth series of the show is due to be shown at 10am on BBC One each weekday and will last for 20 episode, each one focusing on people who have decided to up sticks and move to Australia or New Zealand.