how to apply for wanted down under bbc series Wanted Down under Series 4 and Wanted Down Under revisited have finally come to an end and like many other episodes of Wanted Down Under its caused a bit of a stir with our visitors.

As Getting Down Under sounds similar to the title of the popular BBC show I’ve found that many of our visitors get ‘website blindness’ resulting in emails being sent to Getting Down Under HQ asking how they can appear on the next series of the BBC’s Wanted Down under program.

In an effort to try and reduce the number of enquiries we receive in relation to this show, we contacted the BBC to check if Series 5 of Wanted Down Under was on the cards and at time of typing I’m please to say that it is.

So to be clear.

How do I apply for Series 5 of Wanted Down Under?

It’s easy, as with previous series, To apply to appear on the show please send an e-mail to: to register your interest. If you’re lucky enough to get onto the next series then please drop by to let us know 🙂

Good Luck!