Perth weather forecast - one word - hot

I’ve not ‘blogged’ about the weather for ages so I’m sure for those of you freezing your ‘bits off’ in other countres around the world, will be delighted to read that here in Perth we’re set for a record breaking week of very high temperatures (remember it is summer after all).

Perth is bracing itself for extreme temperatures over the next week with 40 degrees being the expected average top temperature.

The minimum temperature forecast won’t bring much relief either hovering around the mid-20s overnight.

perth weather forecast

Weather in Perth - Perth Weather Forecast for this week - phew!

People are being urged to keep hydrated and cool over the next week, especially on the Australia Day public holiday (26th January)

Bureau of Meteorology Manager of Weather Services Grahame Reader says the week ahead could be the hottest Perth has experienced.

“We can expect a potential record-breaking week with really searing temperatures,” Mr Reader said.

“Perth, for example, could be close to 40 degrees for a whole week, if that comes off it could be record-breaking.”

There is no relief in sight with temperatures staying above 35 degrees into week ahead.

Thank goodness for Air Conditioning, thats all I’ll say