When it rains it REALLY rains!

Wow! We’ve had some really REALLY heavy rain recently.

I’ve always liked rain, at night time the gentle patter of the rain drops against the windows has to go down as one of the most relaxing sounds.

Although the UK appears to getting its fair share of rain at the moment, Australia has rain like I’ve never seen it before. You’ll be looking outside at the rain thinking ‘Jeeze, this rain is pretty heavy’ and then it just gets heavier and heavier!

If rain really was a by product of God having a shower then over Australia the big G really likes to keep clean!

The guy goes in for the full 12 jet power shower experience over here with a few extra buckets of water thrown in at random intervals for good measure!

When people describe heavy rain as ‘it’s coming down in buckets’ over here it really does. Big buckets! For wet stuff coming out of the sky it really is amazing!

What’s more amazing is the rate at which the rain stops. You can have torrential rain for 15 minutes, then it stops and the sun comes out again!

This may well lead us onto my next point. Even after all this heavy rain the weather guys are saying that there may still be a ban on sprinklers and irrigation systems as early as October!

The dams in Western Australia are still only 50% full at the moment and 20% of that consists of the sludge at the bottom.

We do have more rain forecast for the rest of this week but at time of typing the suns shining.

Being Western Australian sunshine, even in the middle of Winter it’s still the kind of nice warm sunshine that’s really good at evaporating rain.

Have I really just done a whole Blog entry on the weather. Jeeze, how English of me is that! ;)

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