A while back I made a post about uk censorship gone bad. Its all to do with the scantily clad female pictured to the left (Laura Bingle). Nothing to do with how she looks (which kinda goes without saying šŸ˜‰ ) but how the ad ends.

“We’ve saved you a spot on the beach – so where the bloody hell are you?”

Just browsing the web and I’ve just found out that the decision has been over turned (I wonder why I kept on seeing the full uncensored ad on tv).

The original decision not to show the ad resulted in a hurried flight to London by federal Tourism Minister Fran Bailey and the delightful Laura Bingle , who, amid a blaze of priceless publicity, complained the English had lost their sense of humour.

I’m glad we’ve seen sense and everyone in the world can get on with their daily lives.

By the way, clicking on the pic opens a larger image if you want to admire the colour of the sky…cough..