13 Times More Illegal Immigrants Arrive By Plane Than By Boat

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13 times more illegal immigrants arrive by plane than by boatI came across an interesting read over at Adelaide now this morning. Apparently there are enough illegal immigrants living in Australia to fill a large regional city, and nearly all of these 58,400 people arrive by plane.

Put another way, there are 13 times more illegal immigrants than there are asylum seekers in detention who have arrived by boat.

Figures obtained by The Advertiser from the Immigration Department and under the Freedom of Information Act show plane arrivals from the United States (5080) and Britain (3610) are near the top of the list of those in the country without a valid visa. China (8070), and Malaysia (4200) round out the top four.

Three in four of the 58,400 visa over stayers came on tourist or holiday-working visas; one in seven arrived as students and one in 15 disappeared after being granted temporary residency.

Last year, only 6720 visa over stayers were sent home, most voluntarily, after applications to stay longer were rejected

Other details provided by the Immigration Department include:

  • More than half of the overstayers have called Australia home for five or more years.
  • ABOUT 20,000 have lived here a decade or more.
  • TWO in three have evaded immigration authorities for more than two years.

The figures do not include thousands of visitors who overstay their visas by up to a fortnight.

Monash University migration expert Bob Birrell said tens of thousands of foreign students, who had expected to get residency here once their course was finished, were now scrambling to find ways to stay after immigration laws were tightened last year.

“A surge in the number of students who have overstayed without any form of bridging visa is a reflection of their desire to extend their stay by hook or by crook,” he said.

Hit the source link below to red the full article:

Source : http://www.adelaidenow.com.au

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