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  • made the move to australia

    Going on a rekkie to Perth

    It’s been pretty hectic this week (hence the lack of updates). Why? Well, we’re flying out to Perth this weekend on a rekkie. I’ve always fancied Perth since I went out there on business last year. We were in Sydney at the time on Holiday, and I used the opportunity to take the “short” four […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Making the decision and where to start

    For starters (and because I didn’t start this site until we actually received our Visa’s) I thought it might be a little useful to give a little background about how and why we ended up getting to the stage where we are now Please also keep in mind; I’m a pretty typical bloke with an […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Australia Culture

    The primary basis of Australian culture up until the mid-20th century was Anglo-Celtic, although distinctive Australian features had been evolving from the environment and indigenous culture. Over the past 50 years, Australian culture has been strongly influenced by American popular culture (particularly television and cinema), large-scale immigration from non-English-speaking countries, and Australia’s Asian neighbours. Australia […] More

  • Default Cover - Edit your Profile to add your own

    Australia and its Demographics

    Most of the estimated 20.4 million Australians are descended from 19th- and 20th-century immigrants, the majority from Britain and Ireland. Australia’s population has quadrupled since the end of World War I , spurred by an ambitious immigration program. In 2001, the five largest groups of the 27.4% of Australians who were born overseas were from […] More

  • australia economy

    The Australian Economy

      Australia has a prosperous, Western-style mixed economy, with a per capita GDP slightly higher than those of the UK, Germany and France. The country was ranked third in the United Nations’ 2005 Human Development Index and sixth in The Economist worldwide quality-of-life index 2005. In recent years, the Australian economy has been resilient in […] More

  • Australia Flora and fauna - Weather - Optimized blue ocean1

    Australia Flora and fauna

    Although most of Australia is semi-arid or desert, it covers a diverse range of habitats, from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests. Because of the great age and consequent low levels of fertility of the continent, its extremely variable weather patterns, and its long-term geographic isolation, much of Australia’s biota is unique and diverse. About 85% […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Australia – Geography and climate

    Australia’s 7,686,850 km ² (2,967,909 mi ²) landmass is on the Indo-Australian Plate. Surrounded by the Indian, Southern and Pacific oceans, Australia is separated from Asia by the Arafura and Timor seas. Australia has a total 25,760 km (16,007 mi) of coastline and claims an extensive Exclusive Economic Zone of 8,148,250 km ² (3,146,057 mi […] More

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    Australia – Its States and territories

    Australia consists of six states, two major mainland territories, and other minor territories. The states are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. The two major mainland territories are the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. In most respects, the territories function similarly to the states, but the Commonwealth Parliament […] More

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    Australia Political Background

    The Commonwealth of Australia is a constitutional monarchy and has a parliamentary system of government. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia, a role that is distinct from her position as Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The Queen is nominally represented by the Governor-General; although the Constitution gives extensive executive powers to the […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    History of Australia

    The first human habitation of Australia is estimated to have occurred between 42,000 and 48,000 years ago. The first Australians were the ancestors of the current Indigenous Australians; they arrived via land bridges and short sea-crossings from present-day Southeast Asia. Most of these people were hunter-gatherers, with a complex oral culture and spiritual values based […] More

  • Getting Down Under Australia

    Origin and History of the Name – Australia

    The name Australia is derived from the Latin australis, meaning southern. Legends of an “unknown southern land” (terra australis incognita) date back to the Roman times and were commonplace in medival geography, but they were not based on any actual knowledge of the continent. The Dutch adjectival form Australische (“Australian,” in the sense of “southern”) […] More

  • Australia Australia The Land Down Under

    Australia – An overview and some history

    OK, to get us started, lets have a little history. The Commonwealth of Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the world’s smallest continent and a number of islands in the Southern, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Australia’s neighbouring countries are Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, […] More

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